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The Goldbergs - Adam Spielberg - Review

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On the Goldbergs this week, Adam returned to the core of the action. He is a massive fan of Steven Spielberg and after seeing a shot for shot remake of Indiana Jones, is inspired to make his own movie.

He gathers the JTP crew and some other kids from school to star whilst he directs, sticks Beverly on the catering staff and Erica offers to do the theme tune for him.

Unfortunately, it is all a gigantic disaster. Matt Bradley who is supposed to be in the leading role overloads on sugar. Then Johnny Atkins snake goes for a wander and ends up around Geoff Schwartz neck. Erica’s theme song is basically just an ordinary pop song with the odd reference to the movie. And then Coach Meller arrives to tell them that they have to clear the gym as the volleyball team has to practice.

Adam absolutely hates the whole experience and feels like a massive failure, until some wise words from Beverly help him to realize that writing is where he really wants to be at. He had a lot of fun putting together the screen play, and prefers to sit back and allow others to give the orders and keep everything running smoothly.

I’ve never been much of a Steven Spielberg fan and don’t really consider myself a movie buff, so most of this storyline went over my head. It had some nice moments including the opening montage, and the realization that Adam came to is one I’m sure a lot of us can resonate with.

The other storyline this week revolved around Barry and Murray tracking down a cheesesteak house. Barry claims they make the best cheesesteak ever, which Murray and Pops are skeptical over. Barry makes a deal with Murray that if they do find the place and it isn’t the best cheesesteak ever, he’ll legally change his name to moron. If it is, then Murray has to stop calling him one.

Murray’s game for this, the prospect of Barry being an actual moron too tempting to turn down and after getting the address from Coach Mellor, they set off in the car. Unfortunately, Barry’s driving so they get hopelessly lost.

Eventually though they do find it and Barry manages to convince the owner to open up so they can get the cheesesteak. Murray is forced to admit it is delicious, if a little too hot and Barry admits he put a special sauce on it. As they look to go home, Barry realizes he’s left the car keys on the counter so they’re forced to go to a bus depo.

There they meet a man who has also travelled for the cheesesteak and has one without the massively spicy sauce, so Barry attempts to steal it and replace it with their one so the man doesn’t know his has gone. Given this is Barry, it’s a foregone conclusion for that not to go well and he ends up with a broken arm.

In the hospital Barry is down in the dumps, admitting he is a moron and deserves to be called one. Murray then admits he constantly calls Barry a moron because he’s a smart kid, and it’s his job to make sure Barry makes the right choices. They then return to the cheesesteak place to get another sandwich and agree that it is the best.

Every once in a while, even the best comedies are going to have episodes that don’t completely wow and ‘Adam Spielberg’ joins ‘The Hooters’ as being among my least favorite episodes this season. Sure there was some interesting character development, but nothing in the episode was really that funny.

The Goldbergs is taking a weeks break, with the next episode coming on March 21st on ABC.

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