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The Good Doctor - More - Review: "I Need A Friend More Than I Need Space"

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The Good Doctor wrapped its freshman year run this past Monday with an emotionally intense episode pushing our protagonist towards the edge. The episode was written by David Shore and Lloyd Gilyard, Jr., and directed by Mike Listo.

There was something very special about "More" and if you are a fan of David Shores' previous show House you've certainly felt similarities. More than ever (pun not really intended but works) the episode reminded me of a House outing as the emotional charge, pace and understanding felt so familiar.

Ever simce I've watched the series premiere of The Good Doctor I knew the show could thrive on the emotional connection between Shaun and Steve and on the connection between Aaron and Shaun. The revealation that Aaron has a brain tomorrow devastated Shaun and started an emotional rollercoaster I didn't antiipate to unfold the way it did. I expected for Shaun to try and rationalize the situation trying to find a situation but didn't anticipate Aaron's stubbornness to be road block in Shaun's path to a beter diagnosis and prognosis.

Shaun seeking out Jessica's help was a nice way of changing the dynamics and forcing Aaron to fight more. The connection between Jessica and Aaron has other charms and while very simple it is very strong and it resonates with viewers.

Shaun's inability to accept Aaron's worse prognosis was truly sad but his fighting spirit was so inpiring. He couldn't let go of Aaron and he kept fighting. Their scene during the carousel ride was just fantastic, Richard Shiff was captivating and his pain was palpable.

The hug between the two of them after it was revealed that it is a more benign tumor had all the feels and the smile on Shaun's face told so many stories. Shaun telling Aaron he loves him more was adorable and the look at the future was simple, cause there was the possibility of MORE time.

And during the whole brain cancer drama, the medical case of the week was a really neat one. It pushed the characters to think twice about stuff and put the dynamics between the characters on a thin thread. And while I wanna discuss the case in details and point out how stupid it is to do drugs and eat detergent, the character focus and lack of it are more important to me. Having Melendez and Claire on Shaun's side this week was great. They came a really long way from the Pilot episode and seeing them fight for him made me feel allwarm and cushy. Still, the writers rolling over Claire's lawsuit against Coyle and Melendez having no story since his break up with Jessica are a torn in my eyw while watching this really great outing. Melendez really came through with his speech and him showing all this appreciation for his Residents felt wonderful.

Park and Lim being around and doing stuff was okay but I would prefer for them to either get a juicy story or stop taking screen time from the other characters. Overall I'm most proud Jared Kalu. His road this season was interesting, he got strong and intense focus throughout the season and his evolution to the great doctor he is today was a great threat to my eyes.

Last but not least there are the shady AF Morgan & Andrews. Reznick pushed everyone's buttons with her desire to push anyone available under the bus was annoying but the disproportionation between Fiona Gubelmann's sweet appearance and Morgan's cutthroat attitude never gets old. And I'm excited to see where they will take this relationship from here on. Andrews meanwhile, was back to his shady ways as the 6 months probation period was almost over. I preffered his honest-mentoring self supporting his residents and patients.

The final scene of the season as Shaun and Aaron were entering Andrews office opened the door for so many storylines and I honestly look forward to them. That's the wrap on season 1 of The Good Doctor. I hope you enjoyed this season and our time together. Till next season. . .

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