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Riverdale - Primary Colors - Review

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I’m really enjoying this second part of Riverdale’s second season, and this episode confirms the trend. Primary Colors is an interesting and entertaining hour of television, not one of the Riverdale’s best episodes, but I can’t complain. Let’s summarize what happened.
Jughead continues to fight for his social causes. 

After learning that Southside High will be turned into a prison, he decides to go on a hunger strike to protest. Despite Jug attempts, Hiram doesn’t even consider the possibility of listening to their reasons and requires an even faster demolition. The high school Serpents chain themselves to the school. Finally, there are some interesting outcomes to these storylines that weren’t so connected in the previous episodes but are coming to a convergence.

Jug is not the only one who wants to stop Hiram: Fred wants to end his contract with the Lodges, but he ends up creating a legal dispute. Archie is stuck in the middle of this problematic situation: he decides to help Hiram in order to get his father free from the contract and he cuts the Serpents chain. In this season, Archie has been going through a great evolution: from a singer-wannabe, he acquired a position of power in the narrative dynamics.

Betty learns Chic's father is not Hal, as we all expected. In the Blossoms family, Penelope and Claudius try to kill Nana Rose, but they fail. They are totally out-of-their-mind. Veronica wants to follow her mother’s steps, she runs for student president, but she can’t manage to overcome her secrets. Betty confronts Veronica and then decides to move in with Jug. After having a confrontation with Penelope, Cheryl is sent away. Her mother gets her committed! The episode ends with a plot twist: Fred still wants to run for mayor, this time against Hermione. Let the games begin.

This episode kept the incredible rhythm of the previous one and this season is getting hotter and hotter. I really enjoy when Riverdale creates unexpected evolutions to its story.

And you? What do you think of Primary Colors?

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