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Jane the Virgin - To End After Season 5 With 99 Episodes *Updated*

Confirmation of 18 Episodes from Gina Rodriguez Herself

Thanks to Daniel for the heads up.

Ending Confirmed by Producer, Will Reach 100 Episodes

Thanks to Juli for the heads up.

“Yes, we are heading into the final season,” Silberling said. “It is a wonderful final season of the show… This will only make real sense when you have seen the content of the fifth season of the show. It is exactly as it was laid out… [We’ve] always known when it was going to end. It will be 100 episodes when it’s done and 100 is exactly where Jennie [Snyder Urman, creator and executive producer] always hoped it could end the story. So it’s perfect.”

To End After Season 5

Gina Rodriguez revealed that next year, Jane's upcoming 5th season, which is yet to be offically renewed, will be the last. Share your thoughts on what will be the end of CW's dramedy lineup, with both Jane & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend coming to a close.

Thanks to Juliana for the heads up.