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Grey's Anatomy - Caught Somewhere in Time - Review

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To my continued confusion on this storyline (which actually only lasted to the end of the episode) the episode began with Owen and Amelia hooking up again. Owen then gets paged to the Intern Trauma Certification day and finds it’s the best time to mention how he keeps waiting for the “other shoe to drop” in their non-relationship which definitely seems like a relationship.

Meanwhile, Arizona is trying to dress her daughter, Sofia, who starts crying and explaining to Arizona that she misses New York and everyone there. Arizona then summarises that Sofia misses her other mum (trust me Sofia, so do we), so Arizona asks Sofia to go to work with her instead of going to school to which Sofia obviously agrees – who wouldn’t want to spend a day at Grey Sloan.

And back at Grey Sloan Maggie and Jackson are busy getting caught making out by their parents who are just as shocked as I was when I found out about the two getting together. So, obviously, as quickly as she can, flustered Maggie runs away but not before she can say, “Good luck with your vagina,” to everyone. Awkward is an understatement.

Since we’re on the topic of running away, Meredith is packing up and clearing out the lab in which her amazing idea was supposed to come to life when Jo enters with good news; she has found more polymers which could work. But she is quickly shut down by Meredith and then taken away by Bailey. Meredith without even looking at the information Jo gave her, throws it into the bin. I found this strange for the Meredith who doesn’t give up easily; the defeat really seemed too easy to me.

Owen later runs into Amelia as he is carrying the dummies out to the ambulance bay. Amelia reminds him that through their entire relationship she had a tumour and that she never cheated on anyone. Ouch. Before Owen can process what Amelia has said, April tell him she wants to help with the trauma certification even thought he tells her DeLuca has it covered.

As Bailey and Jo go to examine their patient Bailey is excited to learn that Meredith might be quitting the contest because it gives her a better chance of winning with her “Anal Glide” project. When they meet their patient, Marjorie, Bailey realises that she is an astronaut and her childhood heroes. They take her for a head CT because she tells them that she wants to send people through time- who wouldn’t think that’s crazy? Well, Marjorie doesn’t and quickly catches onto the fact that Jo certainly does.

Meanwhile, Dr. Michelle Velez is excited for her surgery after which she will finally have a fully functioning vagina. However, the excitement doesn’t last long when she can see the obvious tension between her three surgeons.

Arizona brings Sofia with her to her first patient, a mum named Liz who is at the hospital with her son, Noah. Liz is 23 weeks pregnant and has an incompetent cervix or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which has caused complications with her pregnancy so therefore, Arizona wants to admit her. Meanwhile, Sofia and Noah begin to play in the corner and Arizona cannot help but notice at how much Noah laughs and when I say a lot it is a lot. The frequency and sound of the laugh cause alarm bells to go off in Arizona’s head and so she calls in Karev and Amelia to check him out. She believes that the laughs may about be seizures, and later we find out that Arizona was right.

As Owen begins the scenarios April interrupts. I can help but get flashbacks to April’s trauma certification seven seasons ago. As she grows crazier and crazier with the scenarios, Owen decides he has to finish his conversation with Amelia. He tells her that he isn’t a cheater because she told him to go to Teddy, but she throws it back at him saying that he didn’t have to say yes and could have said no. He tries to argue further saying that Teddy has always been there for him and that whether Amelia had a tumour or not she wasn’t there. Amelia quickly realises that their marriage didn’t stand a chance. She says to Owen, “Teddy, she’s your tumour.” Obviously, Owen is confused. However, Amelia manages to explain it using Noah as an analogy; even though his tumour is benign, if they leave it in, it’ll kill him. Teddy was always his friend, benign, but always there silently growing up until he married Amelia and then it was still there but was no longer benign.

Catherine can’t help but hide how disappointed she is in Jackson as they scrub in for the surgery and they start arguing which causes Dr. Velez to get up off the table and leave. She clearly tells them that she will not let them operate on her unless they are solely focused on her. Eventually they mange to work it out and after Dr. Velez is sure its sorted they go through with the surgery which runs perfectly.

April seems to be going mad as she sprays the interns with a water hose whilst shouting “THERE’S NO CRYING IN TRAUMA CERT!” She justifies her action with the fact that it rained when she done her cert. She eventually gets a page and is called away as Owen steps back in.

Meanwhile, Marjorie needs surgery on a fistula that has developed. During surgery things seem to be going well as the doctors talk about time travel until Marjorie begins to lose too much blood and sadly they can’t do anything to save her. Bailey decides to name her project the “Trailblazer,” after Marjorie and her project.

April then quickly returns to torment the inters but finds out that Dr. Parker was the one to page her in order to remove the thing that was posing the most danger to her patient. This breaks the rules and is very similar to the cheating which April did during her cert day when she brought in the ambulance. She beings to spiral out of control and loses it in front of the interns. The breakdown is truly heart breaking to watch. Jackson spots her afterwards and tries to get her to open up, but she uses his offer as a way to be intimate and tries to kiss him. However, Jackson quickly pulls away which angers April and in response she asks Jackson to take Harriet for the night and leaves. I truly had hope for April after her talk with Tom last week, but things seem to be escalating quickly. I can’t help but worry that in the end April’s downfall will her caused by her own hand.

Amelia’s words must have hit Owen hard because at the end of the episode we seem him getting into a taxi and heading to the airport. The question that remains is where is he going?

The episode finishes with Arizona telling Sofia just how lucky she is to have her. Arizona makes a move that is definitely out of character for her and tells Sofia that she will take a day off work the next day so that they can find an adventure together. Could this be the beginning of how Arizona will be written out from the show?

Other Notes

I love seeing Arizona as a mum and I’m glad that we’re finally getting to see more of that however sad because it is right before Arizona’s exit from the show.

I’m still not on board with Maggie and Jackson. I still can’t see the chemistry and how they fit together.

It was mentioned in the episode that Amelia regretted not sleeping with a certain woman, could this possible be explored in the future? I hope so.

I’m loving the team that Amelia and Karev are making and I hope to see it for as long as possible.

As a Japril shipper, I couldn’t help but be happy at the tiny amount we got in this episode. I know there is no way that they’ll get back together, and I obviously miss their relationship but more than that I miss their friendship. I hope that Jackson will continue to try and help April even if she pushes him away.

I cannot write this review without giving a huge shout out to Sarah Drew who was beyond amazing in this episode. It is heart breaking to watch April breakdown like that, but Sarah was truly fantastic.

Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

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