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For The People - Rahowa - Review: "All Hail Queen Kate" + POLL

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After a solid start For The People keeps up the good work this week and delivers a more relatable outing and creating space so we could learn more about our leads, with Queen Kate ruling the court.

I didn't expect for Kate to turn into my favorite, especially with Britt being the lead and Allison being so beautiful with a powerful screen presence. Still, this show breaths and thrives by the word of Susannah Flood's Kate. Her talk to Leonard was simply brilliant and showed Susannah's range and ability to play with the comedic and dramatic sides. Her interactions with Seth were priceless the two of them really played well of each other delivering some great moments.

The Opioid case turned human trafficing was great playground for both, Kate and Seth creating more complex layers to their characters. Kate's slight compulsive and obsessive need to seem flawless and how she handled those moments she wasn't is really impressive. She is so commited to her work and her work ethic, while being unapologetic and strong.

The final scene between Seth and Allison was powerful and captivating. Great moment for Ben Rapaport and I do feel a bit sad that I've slammed him so hard in last week's review but I am really glad he proved me wrong. Seth's speech was impeccable, he really gave it an extra dose of emotion giving his character a bunch of layers.

Hope pushing Jay so hard this week was a smart move on the writers side. Weesam Keesh just as Susannah has a great balance between dramatic and comedic and he delivered this week. All the pieces falling into place for Jay was a great moment and I really hope he gets that Bearclaw. His talk with his dad was inspiring and heartwarming.

Leonard was annoying me this hour, except during the scene where Kate dragged him a bit (icymi I'm a big Kate fan). I really hope someone teaches him lesson or two in court, very soon.

Last but not least there was Sandra. It was another solid case and Britt really gives the character this great dose of energy to but I need them to flesh her out a bit. She seems pretty basic at the moment and I need more backstory on her and her motivation. How many times can she deliver an inspiring motivational speech till it feels repetitive. An also very importnt part of this epiode was Mrs. Krismann's speech to Sandra. There needs to be order and rules to create a fair environment for eeryone. I do think government offices should work a bit later so working people could adjust.

That's a wrap guys. Hope you've enjoyed the episode as much as I did. Either way stop by the comment section and share your thoughts and tune into a new FTP episode next week.

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