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Divorce - Going, Going..Gone - Review

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The episode aired on HBO Sunday, February 25

There is one more episode left in season two of this show, and I hope HBO isn’t pressed to renew it. I can say I have enjoyed watching these people live their lives selfishly, but the material they have been giving me for the last two episodes just shows they need to end it hopefully on a high. I know the showrunners could not move away from the idiotic storyline of sex and the city, but I did not sign up for this. I enjoyed season one because it was fresh and I hated everyone equally. Going,Going...Gone was an episode of sex and the city in my opinion. It had the same tone and story arc that was just crafted to fill episode seven. Majority of HBO shows get only eight episodes, so a filler is hardly necessary especially a terrible one, but here we are. This episode was so bad that I chose just to write what I liked and what I didn’t like.

Things that were okay...

Robert and Jackie's tag teaming to show their house to buyers and get rid of a dead raccoon was a great partnership. It was an excellent introduction to their relationship that they decided to be in from the last episode. It was also nice to see Robert handle a situation under pressure and not be shitty to his partner as is usually his norm. Robert also had a perfect character development when he agreed to join Jackie in a real estate venture. Even though Robert still wanted things done his way to protect himself, it did show his vulnerability and fear of getting screwed up again. Walking away from conversations that annoy him is something he doesn't do, but choosing to not fall for Nick’s jab about Jackie looking like Frances was a big moment for him. I am not a fan of Robert although I might say being with Jackie has made my heart soften a little bit where he is concerned. He still supported Frances at her gallery event and did not create a scene so what more can we ask of him?

I liked that Nick stood up for Diane when he felt that her insecurities were about to get the better of her at Frances’s show that she put together for Sylvia. Nick is a time bomb that can go off anytime and create chaos, but he knows how to deal with Diane when she's stressing. He does the sweetest things that make you understand kind of why she is still with him even though they have a crappy relationship. I do have to mention though that Diane is a wreck who likes attention and it gets on my nerves so much. The fact that the writers of this show couldn’t focus on her relationship with Nick is dumbfounding. I understand that SJP is the star of the show, but sometimes a good storyteller can see the direction their story is heading organically and just letting it happen, but I digress.

Dallas’s storyline was terrific in this episode, of cause she was doubting if Ted was serious since he keeps bringing his ex-wife around but he reassured her that he wanted to be with her. I understand the difficulty from her point of view, she's older than him so why would he want to be with her. In many cases we hardly see a genuine relationship develop between an older woman and a younger man. The audience has always gotten the same trope that older women chase after the men, but this was not the case here. Ted was the flirtatious one and did the chase, and it was lovely for her to take down her walls and get some loving.

Do you see the sex and the city pattern yet or do you think I am reaching?

What I hated in this episode…

If you have watched this show since the premiere episode in season one, you know Frances was the one that strayed from her marital abode, but Robert is still awful. It was great seeing her in a relationship with Andrew that would have probably meant reflection and growth; that it combusted so fast was shocking. She manages to screw up things when she approaches Skip Zakarian a famous gallery owner and invites him to Sylvia's opening night. Skip somewhat was able to decipher that he could mess with her and she fell for it. Andrew was instantly jealous since Frances didn’t help the situation by the way she was ogling at Skip. The competition to outbid each other during the gallery auction was so clich├ęd that I skipped over it the second time.

Cue more sex and the city; Skip asks her out, and she rejects his advances, then he does the obvious and poaches Sylvia to bring her paintings to his gallery instead. How many times did we see Carrie Bradshaw go through this same storyline where a rival screws her? Frances is not one to give up on this, so she confronts Sylvia who admits that this was just a business decision and nothing personal. She hands back the gift from Skip that he had sent to Frances after outbidding her.

Are you bored yet? Well, that was it we are left with one more episode before we say goodbye to season two.

Don't forget to watch Divorce on HBO Sunday, at 10 PM ET/PT.

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