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The Fosters - Mother's Day - Advance Preview

The Fosters airs Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on FREEFORM

This show has gone from good to amazing in its five-year run, and I will miss it when it finally closes the curtain in a few weeks. They have dealt with many of the societal issues that many shows were too afraid to handle. Freeform doesn’t get a lot of high numbers for their shows, but they deliver content that surpasses other network shows by a considerable margin. We left off last week after ICE came in and harassed the high school kids and arrested some of them. The show took us on an emotional roller coaster with Aaron’s arrest and eventual release. There is a lot of closure in this episode, and if it were to end here, I would be okay, but we get six more so hopefully, they end on a high.

Stef finally goes back to therapy, and that’s where we pick up from on “Mother’s Day”. The therapy session in a way sets the tone for the episode. The therapist manages to guide Stef into identifying and revealing what has been the root of all her struggles. Sharon, Stef's mom, makes an appearance in this episode and Annie Potts and Teri Polo give a fantastic performance. They have a scene together that will leave you shaking, but it is the most heartbreaking and beautiful thing I have ever seen on TV. I had to pause several times just to get through it, but at the end, it warms your heart. Sharon will also reveal something about Tess that Stef didn't know about even though they were high school friends.

Jesus gets a new Para after wearing out Lena with all the concerns he had with her being his Para. I love how open the mothers in this show have always been with the kids, and this episode is no different. So much that’s going on in America and the world right now is depressing but this show is tackling these same issues. Lena has a one on one with Jesus to make him understand that he has to be a better person/man, primarily because that’s how they raised him. I don’t know if Grace is going to make, but something tells me that she is getting to the end of her life, but I could be wrong. Now, don’t be scared anything like that happens in this episode but she does take steps to prepare, which don’t go well with her mother. Brandon finds himself caught in the middle of a terrible predicament, but he loves her and is ready to go on this journey to the end. Brandon and Callie have always confided in each other, and he tells her that he is afraid and confused. This show will end by leaving us with too much heartache I predict.

Ximena gives Callie a gift that she is not sure about keeping, but she has a dream that will somehow help her understand better the significance of the present. She and Jude get closure as well, and Callie can look forward and keep living without looking back. The two of them get a surprise visit, which left me crying, I am telling you everything in this episode made me cry. There is an incredible scene that the whole group filmed for mother’s day. A lot happens in this scene, and Jesus brings out the tears again. This entire episode is fantastic; I don’t even know how to preview without spoiling. I know I say this every week but trust me if I keep on writing, every fan will be upset with how much I will reveal. So I will not leave some teasers for you but remember to watch the episode. It is a crucial episode for every fan out there, but don’t forget the tissues because you will be crying.

Don’t forget to watch on Tuesday night..

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