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Scorpion - Nerd, Wind, and Fire - Review: "May the Wind Carry You"

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Valentine's Day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of the year. For Team Scorpion though, everything just seems to go wrong.

At the Garage, Paige is trying to hide the fact that she has the flu from everyone, while Walter is attempting to blaze through every V-Day tradition ever for her - chocolate, roses, you name it. Toby and Happy are both on edge waiting to hear back from the fertility doctor. And Ralph is eagerly awaiting Patty's arrival, whom he's pretty sure is going to ask him to her Sadie Hawkins dance.

Patty arrives, but instead of asking Ralph to the dance, she asks him to tutor Jesse, a boy she wants to ask out who's not allowed to go unless he passes math. Real romantic.

Meanwhile, Scorpion gets a call to rescue a medical chopper crashed into a building that's carrying a doctor needed to perform a life-saving surgery on an accident victim. Walter, Happy, and Toby head out to meet Cabe at the site and Sly gets stuck behind running things from the Garage, much to his horror. With Paige having the flu, he wants nothing more than to Lysol everything and get the H-E-Double-Wizard-Wands out of there! As Walter walks out, he realizes that Ralph is having Jessie do the math problems incorrectly, in an attempt to keep him from going to the dance and landing himself a shot with Patty.

At the crash sight, the team constructs a zip-line from the building across the street that can propel Walter over to the helicopter. However, when he gets over there, they realize the crash punctured the fuel tank, leaking gas all over the helicopter and creating a static charge. If Walter touches the helicopter, it blows up.

The team decides to make an anti-static gun to neutralize the charge, while Toby creates a pressure suit for the car accident victim to prevent further lung damage. But it also raises his blood pressure, only giving them a little bit more time.

Back at home, a truly terrifying singing telegram bear that Walter ordered shows up for Paige. (But like every other present that Walter's ordered for her today, it first shows up at Florence's door because the address numbers on the Garage need repainting.) Sly also accidentally admits to Florence that Paige knows about Walter's dream, and is terrified he might have ruined any chance for a friendship between Paige and Florence. Upstairs, Paige and Florence talk about Walter and Florence explains that she would never want to date someone as much like her as Walter. Paige also finds the tape from several months earlier of Walter singing a song for her that he thought he threw away.

At the hospital, Toby hacks into the system to get his and Happy's test results while they wait for the doctor to be rescued. Happy's terrified there's something wrong with her. There isn't. But there is something wrong with Toby that's keeping them from having a baby.

Meanwhile, Walter is able to rescue the pilot and doctor and send them back across with the zip-line, enabling her to get to her patient on time. As Walter gets ready to go back though, the wind knocks the helicopter around, the fuel catches fire, and the cable snaps, leaving Walter stranded and about to be blown up right alongside the helicopter.

Sly theorizes that if they wait for just the right amount of wind, Walter can jump and be knocked to the floor below. (I'm not even gonna try to understand how this works...) Walter jumps, makes it, but for a nerve-wracking second is unconscious. When Paige begs him to say something, he respond with
"Happy Valentine's Day Paige."

At the Garage, Ralph admits to Walter that he feels bad about intentionally teaching Jessie the wrong stuff and promises he'll re-teach him. Paige shows Walter the tape she found under the bed of him trying to play a song for her and tells him that that is the best gift he could give her because it's heartfelt. Ralph points out to Sly that he knows Sly likes Florence because he didn't use hand sanitizer after she touched his hand. Sly says he'll never act on it because of Megan but Ralph tells him that Megan would want him to be happy.

Toby and Happy talk about what they've just found out. Even though there are medical treatments that could help, they don't have the money for them. The team, however, pulls the money they've gotten back from Cabe's bail, along with their last few checks, and the gold necklace Cabe was planning on giving Allie for Valentine's Day in order to finance the treatment.

Random Thoughts:
-That singing bear was horrifying.

-I'm glad Happy and Toby finally have some answers.

-Best line goes to Ralph after Florence asks him why he's giving Jesse the wrong answers. Florence: "Don't want to hinder your tutoring, but tangent is opposite side over the adjacent." Ralph: "I know, but Turd-for-Brains doesn't. Now mind your own business!"

What do you think is next for Happy and Toby? Is Ralph ever gonna have a shot with Patty? Let me know what you think below!

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