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Riverdale - The Wicked and the Divine - Review

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It's the confirmation day for Veronica Lodge and this new episode revolves around this special day of the Lodge's family. The episode is called The Wicked and the Divine and it perfectly represents its title. Let's summarize what happened.

Archie is still torn between what the FBI agent requires from him and his love for Veronica. It's difficult to understand what he is really up to. He only asked the agent to protect his father. He lies to both the FBI agent and to Veronica, he seems obsessed with Hiram's approval. Is a breakup the next step in Archie's path? During the episode, he helps his girlfriend before the confirmation and he is asked by Hiram to work in his casino. Even if I don't know what to expect from this story, I like the direction they are giving to his character: he is now the real protagonist of the story and he is not just the one who has to appear because the TV show cannot avoid making him appear. But I don't foresee a bright future for him: I don't think he will manage to continue to play with fire without getting burned.

Jughead and F.P. are still fully busy with their Serpents' stuff, but finally, we have a resolution for the Betty and Jug's storyline. They have a confrontation, they get back together and they have sex. I like them together, but I'm sure there are plenty of twists that are just ready to come.

After getting involved in his business, Chic has many guests at home. Lots of guys come to visit him. I'm really interested in Chic, and the ending confirms what I originally thought: this character will create juicy storylines. The ending has the perfect Riverdale's vibe. Betty comes home so happy after her encounter, and she finds her mother washing the blood from a dead body. Here we go again: a new dead body in town. I can't wait to watch how they will deal with this unexpected outcome. I enjoyed the episode and I'm hopeful for the rest of the season.

And you? What do you think of The Wicked and the Divine?

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