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Magnum P.I. - Pilot Reboot Snippet

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A couple of snippets from our source. Some of these are already known but we've included them all here.

Higgins is female in this reboot and butts heads with Magnum over everything, but they work together when a friend's life is on the line. Their relationship thaws as the episode continues but it will still be cantankerous.

Higgins is also ex-MI6, but was disavowed.

There's still 2 dogs like in the original show.

Magnum still drives a 308 GTS Ferrari like the original, although Higgins doesn't want to let him use it.

Magnum has some history with a woman named Hannah. It didn't end well, but she was his CIA contact and girlfriend for a mission in North Korea years ago that Robin uses in his new book. There is a Plot Twist here.

Someone dies and someone is shot in the pilot.

Magnum and Lt. Tanaka of the HPD do not get along - some backstory there.

The pilot mentions FIVE-0, they are both shot in Hawaii, and the showrunners are from Hawaii 5-0, so there may be a crossover here. No way to tell at this early stage.


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