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Legends Of Tomorrow - Daddy Darhkest - Review: "Not Blind"

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Legends is back! And it's back on Mondays, and while this was a strange move to split Supergirl/LoT this way, I'm somewhat okay with it as I get uninterrupted Legends and iZombie on the same night! I've been anxiously awaiting Legends return from hiatus as I was extremely pleased with the fall finale! (I love you too, Beebo) I was hoping that the show's return would continue to uphold the strength that the first half of the season displayed, and I was curious to see how the show worked without Firestorm, incorporated Constantine and sent off Leo back to Earth-X. Suffice to say the show had a lot of expectations from me, and some it lived up to, while others...made me wish I was blind.

We've all got our Demons: The Sara Lance and John Constantine story. (Leo is here too)
Okay, so first things first, we gotta know what brought Constantine to the Waverider in the closing minutes of the finale and we find out immediately. We see John breaking into the "looney bin" to exorcise a demon and how the demon possessed girl points John to Sara. Sara remarks she's done fighting demons, Nate points out that technically they are fighting one, and it turns out that they are fighting the same demon, so Sara decides to tag along to help conduct the exorcism. ( Because Sara is the kind of girl you take to an exorcism, not to your parents.) We got an update on Rip because Ava just needed an excuse to talk to Sara and we were then gifted with the soon-to-be missed Leo teasing Sara on the signs of courtship between her and Ava. I'm not into shipping on this show, and I definitely have some issues with the producer's needs to shove Sara with anyone, but I also understand that they've basically made that a facet of her character as well. Either way Leo and Sara's scene here was nice for anyone who ships Sara with anyone and because I love the energy Wentworth brings to playing this version of Snart. We find out that the girl being possessed by the demon is actually Nora Darhk(because of course it is, we'll never be rid of him or his family) while Amaya goes toe-to-toe with her granddaughter. (Leo's "Just pull the trigger" instruction to Nate was beautiful) Amaya is all aghast when Nate shows up to help her, leaving Leo, Nate and Sara to tend to Nora. Of course the exorcism goes as well as planned and the three of them end up transported in time by a Mallus possessed Emily Nora. Once we get back in time, the trio have to find a way to send a message to the team in 2017, while also trying to find their way back. I loved hearing "Time of the Season" by The Zombies, such a great choice.

We learn that Mallus is actually seeking to use Sara as a vessel as well, while Leo gets caught trying to leave a note for the team. Sara and John share war stories and talk forgiveness and not giving in, before they end up giving in to each other. (I like their bonding, but not enough for the sex)Look, I love bisexual Sara Lance and John Constantine, but just because they are bi, doesn't make them "randy" and doesn't meant they just have to hook up with each other. (I'm bi so I love the representation and fully welcome reversing stigmas) I personally found it very forced as I didn't see any sexual chemistry between the two of them. (I wish I was blind, Leo) Leo almost gets lobotomized which is disturbing for reasons, but Sara and John save him while she decides to let Mallus possess her in order to draw the rune to send them back. (How gross was the spit drinking?) Sara allows herself to be possessed but ends up getting distracted by Nora, also in this spirit realm because she is currently being possessed by Mallus. Sara asks Nora to help her fight, and she takes control of herself while Sara draws the rune needed to send them back. For a moment it seems Sara may be lost, but she's not, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't be worried. Mallus wanted to possess Sara and now he has, so is her soul susceptible to being possessed again? Is Mallus still in there? Sara claims she's fine and Zari shares Mallus' remark about the six, and Constantine remarks he'll keep and eye out for totems. Constantine knows that Mallus' power lives inside her, and mentions to Ray to keep and eye on her and keep his anti-magic nanite gun close.. (Foreshadowing to the events of the season that will lead to not-so-secret return?)

Leo leaves. (It kinda felt this blunt) Leo is asking Ray(His Ray) to marry him, but he does share a goodbye with Mick and Sara and it's sorta sweet. He's ready for a different kind of adventure and maybe that gets to Sara who asks Gideon to call Ava, (That cheeky bot makes a comment about privacy) but the call isn't as sweet as Sara hopes and she learns that Rip has escaped. (Dun dun dun)

Water Bitch needs to stay locked up and CCJitters needs to have Superhero insurance.
Mick is over everyone and he is more or less showing management potential while shooing everyone off to clan up the mess they have made so he can watch football(Something he does even when when he says goodbye to Leo). Ray and Zari are tasked with finding the rest of the team, but end up resolving to rescue Nora instead. They decide to take her somewhere "warm and sunny" (because that's Ray's thing) in the hopes they can cave her and she won't end up hating them. Warm and Sunny is just CC Jiiters and they try and make her feel normal, but a news report about Oliver and Damien sends her into a possession spiral that gets real intense real fast. (Like really, CC Jitters should just close up shop at this point) Zari and Ray attempt to reason with her while Sara is spending time talking to her in the spirit world and Mallus tells Zari she is "One of the Six". Nora takes control, but things get screwed up when Damien shows up and tells her that Mallus is actually her savior and she needs to accept him, as he can help her save him one day. Nora believes him and he passes her off to evil nurse lady who actually works for The Order who will help her embrace Mallus. Darhk really could've just killed Zari and Ray in the moments after he froze them, but he just chuckles and makes his exit. (unfortunately not permanently)

At the same time, Amaya is struggling to get through to Kuasa. Amaya and her granddaughter have a very different idea of what to do with time travel, but it is interesting to learn more about Kuasa and her desire to save her village. Kuasa clearly has a deep pain from what happened to her and she truly is the antithesis of her grandmother and the rest of the Legends. She has chosen to take her pain and abilities and align herself with others who seek to abuse time to suit their needs. Amaya frees Kuasa while Nate is pretty sure this is a bad idea (Much like their romance which I'm glad appears to be a thing of the past except next week it seems like it's back again...ugh) and of course there's a fight. She ends up not killing Nate and Amaya lets her live.

Overall Thoughts:
Having Constantine this week was great, this was a way more natural way to include Matt Ryan's character than the plot device pushing guest appearance on Arrow a few years ago. Aside from the forced hookup with Sara, there was so much to love about him here. From his witty barbs, to his flirting with Leo, it was a great use of the character. With that being said, I'm going to say something hopefully, I won't get a lot of flack for. I don't want Constantine as a regular on Legends, he fits in the context of this season and fighting Mallus, but I think his character is best used on a recurring basis in this universe, popping in as needed. Arrow struggled with its introduction of Mysticism and totems, and while Legends is handling it okay so far, I don't think having him on a weekly basis would do that any favors. I'm anxious to see Mallus wrapped up as he hasn't been that enjoyable and has dragged the dead horse that is Damien with him.

I liked getting to know more about Kuasa and Nora though, and I can't help but wonder if the sympathy given towards them will come into play as the story progresses. Usually when Legends attempts to have episodes that are strictly geared towards moving the season arc forward, they kind of falter, but this episode didn't. I found it way more entertaining than I thought it would be. Did I like all of it? No, of course there are a few things I could do without, but this was an episode that added motives to villains, opened up new plot elements, had a great guest star and sent off one of the show's best additions. Sure, we only got one reference to the absence of Firestorm, but truthfully I could've gone without it because I barely even noticed they were gone. (Which can either be a dig at the character or a nod to the writers) I'm anxious to see how all of the leaked photos and spoilers actually come into play and I'm ready for Mallus to step up. I feel like it's been a pretty slow burn with Mallus this season, so I'm ready for the heat to be cranked up. Either way, this was a great episode that solidifies why Legends is the best show in the Arrowverse currently. (Debate me if you want) A

What did you think of episode? Any theories on what the sixth totem is? Did you like Leo's goodbye or did it deserve more? Do you want Constantine to become a regular fixture on the Waverider? Where you a fan of the hook-up? Any theories on Sara? Sound off below!

The next episode of Legends Of Tomorrow, Here I Go Again, airs 2/19 on The CW!

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