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Good Girls - Pilot - Advanced Preview: "Waking up the Fighter"

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Finally! Good Girls is about to premiere in under a week and I can't wait to see everyone reactions to it. The show comes from the masterful pen of Jenna Bans, former Shondaland alum, and creator of the really underrated 2016 ABC drama "The Family".

I read online that a lot of people think the show would better as a movie but lets shut that down right away. Good Girls isn't about the robbery or the consequences of the robbery, it is about these "girls" who resorted to such a desperate move to fix their broken lives, it is why their lives are broken and why their only solution was the robbery.

The powerful cast headlined by Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman delivers relatable and funny performances throughout the hour and create characters you cheer for. Christina Hendrick's Beth is mother of 4 who realizes that the trusting approach to life that she took is biting her into her sweet behind. The realization that her life is just a scam pushes Beth over the edge and turns her from victim to robber. It is very obvious that Christina enjoys this role, she shows so many faces of the character, she feels the potential within the character and breaths in so much energy to the whole show.

Another lead role is played by Mae Whitman. Mae's Annie is Beth sister and while her sister's life keeps the perfect appearance, Annie doesn't really care. She had a kid while she was a 17-year-old kid and her now ex, played by Zach Gilford wants to get full custody of her kid. Annie is a mess, she doesn't want to be and tries to be the best version of herself.

Last but certainly not least is Ruby. Ruby, played by the amazing Retta is the show stealer. Her performance in this hour is funny, emotional and a true stunner. She rings it all together. Ruby has the perfect husband, the crappy waitress job, and a sick kid. Ruby's daughter Sara has sick kidneys and her condition is deteriorating. And Ruby fights for Sara like a lion. She tackles the crappy health care system and seemingly emerges as a winner. Sara is another winner introduced in this episode, Lidya Jewett is simply amazing in the couple of scenes she is featured in.

Now let's talk about the heist. The actual heist is very well cut together and spread through the first half hour. The scenes are intense and funny at the same time and the error that gets them caught was already revealed in the promos but adds up the amount of Boomers screen time. Boomer is Annie's boss and the manager of the robbed store. He is a slimy douchebag and you'll despise him by the time the Pilot ends, trust me on that. After the girls rob way over money than they intended to, karma comes knocking on their door in the form of the devilishly handsome drug dealer Rio (Manny Montana). I grew to love Manny in last season's show, Conviction and while this role is a polar opposite Manny does deliver on all levels. He is intimidating and his performance very memorable.

Hope you've enjoyed the preview, I wanted to share a general feeling of the show as I can't reveal too much scoop. So are you planning to tune in? Do you think Good Girls will be the first post The Voice show to work since Blacklist?Rant of in the comment section below and don't forget to tune in on Monday the 26th February 10pm Central on NBC.

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