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The Good Doctor - Seven Reasons - Review: "Knock Knock"

Doing a quality outing after the excellent Islands two-parter is a tough job. Still, the writers succeeded in developing a quality outing with stories just as engaging and morally questionable. Seven Reasons David Shore and David Hoselton and directed by Mike Listo.

I really like how in-depth they are going with Claire's story and using Dr. Lin for it is a great way to handle it. Dr. Lin as someone who was questioned by men during her career and Claire's interaction with her made this story much more engaging, gave it more substance. Doing a story about Coyle without Coyle present was another very smart move. Claire seeking out other female co-workers to file a lawsuit against Coyle was a very empowering moment. I've already feard the Coyle story was wrapped with his transfer but seems there will be more drama and I can't wait for it to go down.

Another great aspect of Claire & Lin's interaction was the case they were working on. Claire and Lin being wrapped in this messy story with the abusive husband were strong. Chelah Horsdal is a phenomenal actress and she brought so much power to this

Claire having breakfast with Shaun was really sweet. It was nice to see Shaun open Claire's eyes about her case, his logic is really working sometimes. I felt bad for Shaun when Aaron dropped out of their regular pancake breakfasts. Shaun's plea to be Aaron to be his friend was beautifully written and Freddie Highmore and Richard Shiff were breaking my heart along the way.

I was really intrigued by the case burn victim case that Shaun, Jared, and Melendez were handling. This was a really important lesson for Shaun and while I understand people having issues with Shaun's prejudice but it was logic vs reality. Shaun's logical conclusion making was harsh and insulting to a level but that is how his mind works and I was so happy that they turned the tables on him and made all his conclusion making fall apart. Him confronting Naja, the patient played by Hina Abdullah, was a phenomenal scene. His logic vs her harsh reality brought the intensity to a new level. Her suffering a heart attack is something I didn't expect. Jared stepping up and giving the patient Steroids lead up to a great moment. Shaun forcing Melendez to say thanks to Jared was really sweet and considering all the tension a beautiful moment. I was shocked by the turnaround that there will be only 3 resident places next season. Hope it sparks up some rivalry between the residents, should be funny.

The story I really wasn't happy with was the Jessica-Melendez drama. It felt really felt out of character but guess character leaves the room when emotions get in the middle. I was really feeling for both of them as they went through their emotions and seeing them fight really made me feel uncomfortable. The whole time I wanted to scream: Make up! Love each other! Make beautiful babies. But they just wouldn't listen. I'm interested to see where their relationship will go from here. And if Jessica might share some clothless scenes with the new neighbor in apartment 34.

ICYMI Chris D'Elia appeared as Shaun's new neighbor and I couldn't be happier about it. Chris is a great actor with great energy and I can't wait to see his further interaction with Shaun. This Neighbor from Apartment 34 could be a nice gig throughout the series.

The episode ended with Shaun smelling a pine tree car refresher that reminded him of Leah. All the feels! Ugh! What are your thoughts on Seven Reasons? What are your thoughts on the terrorism story? Did you find it too overboard or handled well? In which direction do you think should Jessica's and Melendez's story go? The Good Doctor returns February 5th where we'll see Shaun interact with a transgender patient only on ABC at 10pm Central.

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