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SpoilerTV's Weekly Round Table: 28th Edition

Hello and welcome to a new Weekly Round Table! This week on our well-rounded table I'm (MK) joined by Samantha (SB), Laura (LS), Lisa (LM), Katherine (KM), Beth (BW), Jaz (JZ) and Rachel (RW). As always you just have to sit back, enjoy the read and if you want to share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

1. A bunch of renewals happened during this TCA week. Which one is your favorite?

SB: To absolutely no-ones surprise, Runaways. The first season had A LOT of faults, but I love the show + comics so much. Also pretty stoked that The Gifted got renewed as I really like Matt Nix's work.

LM: I'm super happy about The Orville and The Gifted.

KM: Glad to see The Gifted back, interested to see what they bring to the table in S2. I'd have made some serious tweaks to the show in S1 (like getting rid of almost the entire Strucker family) Liked Runaways, but not sure about how it will do in S2.

BW: I am happy about Runaways, Future Man and The Gifted. I had put those on pause until I knew their fates and now I have some catching up to do!

JZ: Although not a real renewal, my favorite announcement was the confirmation that another season of Prison Break is in the works. I'm biased, and I know last season was terrible/unnecessary, but I’ll follow that cast to fire, so look forward to seeing what story they’ll tell next.

RW: It’s not really a renewal, but I am excited about “Killing Eve” (starring Grey’s Anatomy alum Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer). I seriously love British spy shows/movies, so I’m super excited for this one. Hope it’s as good as it sounds

2. Black Lightning is premiering this week! Online portals announcing it as something completely different take on Superhero shows, but how different can it really be?

SB: Everything from the cast and writers seems really positive, but I think we'll only know for sure if it's really different when the show starts. I like that they're constantly reiterating that the show will be separate from the Arrow-verse, focus on family dynamics and from the trailers alone the show seems to have a different cinematic feel and storyline direction that other shows on the air. But we'll see.

LS: Um. It's an almost entirely black cast and the writers' room is something like 50% black, there are out and proud LGBTQ+ characters from the get-go, it's very family-oriented? All of this is different from every superhero show currently airing. This is why it'll be the only one I stand behind!

LM: I almost want to watch Black Lightning, but it seems to be riding on the tails of the Black Panther. Sadly, the CW has lost me as far as their ability to do a decent superhero show, so I'll likely pass on this.

KM: I have superhero fatigue of the CW variety, but reading all of this good buzz on Black Lightning has me curious. The only place it could be different for me is if they don't go the love angst route that is usually signature CW. LOT does a good job of staying away from that as well, which is why it is my favorite. So if the focus is on the family and their stories, I think it could be different from the others.

JZ: With the show being written by new producers and with the universe being separate from the Arrowverse, I believe Black Lightning will be very different from the typical CW superhero show.
With the showrunners being African American, writing for the first black-led superhero show, we’re FINALLY getting an authentic and sincere look at the issues black people face as well as a real sense of culture that I, as a white girl, am not privy too.

I admire the showrunner’s unapologetic attitude to its approach. Yes, this is a show centered around an African American family from the streets. Yes, we’re embracing our blackness and Yes we’re going to talk about many political issues! love it or leave it. This sort of explicitness is something that lacks in the Berlantiverse shows, while sometimes they attempt to raise issues regarding race, religion, and sexuality, they do it in such a meek way, so they do not tread on anybody’s toes too much and this is something that I’ve grown tired of seeing. I’m excited to see a superhero show that brings politics to the fore!

What also makes this series different is that while it IS a superhero show, it’s based more on the characters and family than anything else. This isn’t a superhero story based on justice, happenstance or a call to arms. This is a story based on a middle-aged man who’s called back to duty to protect his family and save his community. There’s something more grounded and relatable in that approach, unlike the other shows offered on the CW.

I think the theme song of the show is indicative of the show’s approach to the series: "I saw a superhero, he was black, he said this is for the street, Black Lightning’s back!"

MK: I'm really excited to see where this will go. Not the biggest fan of Cress but the show seems to have so much potential and carries a dose of objectivity other CW superhero shows lack. I'm excited about the show to premiere tomorrow.

3.Modern Family to conclude with season 10! Going out on a high your thoughts? And should there be a spin-off?

SB: Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the show should've ended years ago. The show seems to have been stuck in a rut for a while, not exactly sure what to do with some characters, and that's led to some storylines becoming repetitive, whilst others simply go nowhere. For any show to be on the air for so long is an achievement, and especially a comedy, so they can be proud to finish with season 10. I think the characters should be allowed to rest for a while and then maybe consider a spin-off if they really think they have a fresh story to tell.

LS: No spinoff, please. I'm already like two seasons behind and to be honest I don't care to catch up right now. This show lost its steam a long time ago and ten seasons is a great thing, but it should end there.

LM: I loved Modern Family when it premiered but it's been tired for a long time now and I already stopped watching after last season. No spinoff, please!

KM Happy to see Modern Family move along; it's been on the way out for a quite a while. I think that a lot of shows are allowed to plod along year after year if they're doing well enough anymore, particularly comedies.

RW: Would I sound mean if I said that this show should’ve been over years ago? The first few seasons were great, but then the storylines just starting dipping and the show got less and less engaging to the point where I just don’t care for it anymore. I’m not opposed to a spin-off, but (honestly) they should just leave it at that. Like, congrats on 10 years but it probably would be better to leave your decade-long legacy like that and not have it ruined by a spin-off (that may or may not be a hit)

MK: I'm glad they are ending. They've told all their stories and it is time to move on. A spinoff really isn't needed but I wouldn't mind the creators to do a new family driven show. They had so much heart at the beginning. I'm sure they still have some magic left but for a different clan.

4. The remaining midseason dates are out. Who are the winners? And who doesn't have faith in the upcoming shows?

SB: I'm beyond happy that iZombie is coming back far sooner than expected. The 100 coming back in April is extremely surprising, and it'll be interesting to see whether the hiatus plays with the ratings. I'm a little worried about Speechless as the ratings this year have unfortunately not been that great, and it seems that ABC is giving it the burn-off treatment. Life Sentence I also think is maybe starting a little later than I would've originally thought, but I think it's about the fact that Networks have so many shows that they have to balance since they're allergic to cancellations, that some of these shows are being brought back late & having their air dates messed around a little bit because there is genuinely no room on the schedule for them. You only have to look at Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow being forced to share a timeslot because The CW president doesn't want too many superhero shows on at the same time, and I think that upfronts this year has the potential to be a real bloodbath.

LS: Not that I care about CBS at all, but they ruined Instinct which is kind of a bummer. iZombie has a pretty great spot which it really doesn't deserve.

KM: Happy to see The Americans and Jessica Jones back, just wish I didn't have to wait until March. But I DO get Grace and Frankie next Friday, so that's good. Elementary is still on? I'm confused. Also Code Black, which I desperately wanted to like because I'm a huge Marcia Gay Harden fan. Can't we find anything else for her to do?

BW: I am just happy we have a full schedule from the CW. They are so unpredictable and generous when it comes to renewals, that I am not really too concerned about the cancellation of a show I like. As for how late The Originals and The 100 premiere, it does stink to wait but on the positive side, I will still have shows to enjoy well into the summer so it isn't terrible.

JZ: I love that Quantico has come back with an amazing Thursday night spot. With a new showrunner, (Miss you Safran) and a near new cast, it looks like they’re trying to give this show every opportunity for a comeback.
As for the CW airing their shows later, I’m happy with that decision. I’m already so overwhelmed with the shows that I’ve got so starting them when the other shows are wrapping up seems to be a perfect idea! The hiatus until fall won’t feel as long either with shows ending around Comic-con time.

RW: I’m super stoked for Code Black! For those who are unfamiliar with the show, “Code Black” is like “Grey’s Anatomy” just without all the relationship drama. I mean, there is a bit of relationship drama but not as much (and not as wild) as Grey’s. The past two seasons were packed full of emotion and drama and medicine (many tears were shed, ESPECIALLY during their season 2 finale). I’m excited to see how Leanne’s evolved, now that she had an adopted daughter...

MK: I echo Laura's thoughts that Instinct got the bad card. It certainly deserved Seal Team's slot, the show is already wasting the strong lead in it has. Another show with apparently no life in it For The People. I mean Quantico got their slot, I'm still shooketh by that. Winners are Deception by far and iZombie. Didn't expect iZombie to get this amount of love, especially considering last years treatment and poor quality.

That is it from us. Hope you enjoyed the WRT, stop by the comment section and until we meet next week. . .

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