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Scorpion - Crime Every Mountain - Review: "When it Rains it Pours"

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"You need to get real." In "Crime Every Mountain," Team Scorpion is forced to face the grim prospects of Cabe's upcoming trial, and a life without their father figure.

Having blocked off time for the express purpose of prepping for the trial (which Cabe is terrible at), the team isn't thrilled to find out that a New Mexico forest search and rescue group they're scheduled to present Happy's new wench to in a couple of weeks has moved up the presentation. Apparently, there's been a rock slide blocking the access road and a storm is coming, so they need the wench now.

Paige, Happy, Toby, and Walter take off for New Mexico while Cabe and Sly stay behind to work on the trial. Once in New Mexico, the search and rescue group is running late. They're busy dealing with stranded climbers. Just as Team Scorpion packs up to leave, they see a small plane go down nearby. At the plane, they find a father and an injured daughter. The father says that his son Elijah was able to jump out with a shoot before the plane crashed, so Paige and Walter go off with him to find his son. Toby and Happy stay behind to treat the daughter's leg.

Back at the garage, Cabe makes a discovery. Sly and Walter have been secretly (and illegally) running a super-computer designed to track down Mark Collins - The Collins Location and Apprehension Module, aka C.L.A.M. And now C.L.A.M has a hit, tracking Collins to a pawn shop in Santa Barbara. Although Cabe isn't happy they've been keeping him in the dark, Sly continues the search, narrowing in the monitoring on Santa Barbara, hoping to pick up more of his movements.

Back in New Mexico, Paige and Walter are in for an unpleasant discovery of their own. "Elijah" is actually three bags of drug money that the father-daughter duo was in the middle of running to Mexico. With a gun to their heads, Paige and Walter are forced to use a rope to tie themselves to the father so they can't get away and carry the bags back to the campsite.

The now conscious and mobile daughter pulls out a gun and gets the jump on Happy and Toby around then as well, whom she forces to tie each other up. Walter and Paige realize the only way the whole team might make it out alive is if they can get away from the father and beat him back to the crash site. So they do the "logical" thing and jump off a cliff - attempting to drag the father down with them and injure him.

This mess of a plan backfires when the rope gets caught, stranding Walter and Paige halfway down the cliff and leaving the still gun-toting dad directly above them. When the rope does snap, it triggers a rock-slide, trapping Walter and Paige.

Back at home, Cabe and Sly have traced Collins' whereabouts to a nursing home, where it seems he's putting his grandmother Beatrice up in. However, upon arriving at the nursing home, they discover there's no Beatrice Collins anywhere to be found. About then, C.L.A.M gets another facial recognition match near a bank in Santa Barbara, which the two take off for.

At the crash site, Happy and Toby are able to escape their ties, knock out the daughter and steal her gun. Alerted to Paige and Walter's situation via walkie-talkie, they then split up, with Happy guarding the daughter and Toby taking Happy's wench to rescue Walter and Paige.

Meanwhile, Sly and Cabe realize they've been conned. Sly gets a call from the prosecutor that Collins just deposited a bunch of money in an account in Cabe's name, which of course, looks kinda terrible for our guys. As they head home defeated, Sly again urges Cabe to stop fantasizing about magically being able to fix everything and face up to how bad the situation is.

Although Toby is eventually able to free Paige and Walter, the father arrives back at the campsite before them and puts a gun to Happy. Happy stalls for time by tricking the daughter into a locked truck, but she's still got the angry dad to deal with. Luckily, the rest of the crew arrives back and Toby is able to sneak over and tinker with the truck's breaks. This sends the daughter careening toward the cliff in the truck, allowing the team to get the gun from the panicked dad. Using Happy's wench, the team stops the truck just as it gets to the cliff, finally cornering the both of them.

That night, Happy wonders if any child of her and Toby's will be destined to a life of trouble due to their own respective criminal histories, as the daughter from the crash seemed to be. Toby assures her that's not the case, as, despite their histories, the child will be raised by good people, surrounded by a team always looking out for their best interests.

Cabe then discovers a message left from Collins on his desk. At the realization that the "son of a bitch was in our home," Cabe finally loses it. Despite the anger, Sly realizes in that moment that Cabe is finally processing what's happening and talking about it for what it is - a terrifying situation. At this, he decides to go for a bench trial, which will allow Cabe, finally able to clearly tell his side of the story, the chance to only face a judge. After some serious pushing from Paige, Walter is also able to process the circumstances, allowing him to finally be there to support Cabe.

Random Thoughts:
-I hate that Sly, our usually happy-go-lucky guy, is having to be the cynical realist.

-That final scene with Cabe was heartbreaking.

-Best quote goes to Toby about what kind of life any child of his and Happy's will have. "I mean, all parents do suck sometimes. But when we do we got Super-Mom Paige to watch out for us. And Walter's already reading up on early stage neurological development. Sly's gonna give that kid a daily sanitizer dip. And Cabe will put his foot up our ass if we so much as miss a violin recital. If anything, we gotta worry about them screwing up our kid. We're gonna be fine."

Were you surprised that Cabe finally broke down? Do you think they'll ever get Collins? Let me know below!

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