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Riverdale - The Wrestler - Review

Riverdale's second part of season 2 is quite intriguing. Without the murder mystery, the story is still filled with gripping outcomes. This week's episode, The Wrestler is entertaining and characters driven. Let's summarize what happened.

Archie hasn’t stopped trying to deal with Hiram Lodge, and Veronica informs him that a possible resolution to this feud could be…wrestiling. (With over-sexualized singlets) Archie, Kevin, and other schoolmates are trained by Veronica’s father and things turn out to be ugly. Our ginger protagonist is trying his best to get in Hiram’s graces but he fails miserably. Only at the end of the episode, he has a bit of hope, but as we already know all the Riverdale’s parents are out of their mind. I don’t foresee a bright future for them.

One of the most fascinating storylines revolves around Chic: I’m really enjoying this new absurd and perverse bond between him and Betty. After being introduced in the porn world of cam-girl and cam-guys, she doesn’t refuse the possibility of joining the community. Betty is totally unpredictable, but that’s why we like her. Also, Hal hates Chic: he doesn’t want him in his house. We are pretty sure that he is not the father. How long will we have to wait until we find out that F.P. is Chic’s father? Here we go, crazy family trees.

Josie finally had some space: Ronnie takes the lead with the Pussycats. She practically stole her the Pussycats and she proclaims herself a good Lodge: she opens the celebration with the group new name: Veronica and the Pussycats. In this week’s Jughead’s social causes, he interviews Toni’s grandfather and discovers how Riverdale’s history has been white-washed. I have to be honest I didn’t see it coming: now we have native-Americans in the mix. Apparently, they are connected with Southside serpents. The viewer is clearly left speechless.

All in all, I enjoyed the episode. It feels like the old Riverdale is back. And you? What do you think of The Wrestler?


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