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Chicago Fire - The Whole Point of Being Roommates / Foul is Fair - Double Review

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The Whole Point of Being Roommates

"The Whole Point of Being Roommates" starts off with a pretty nasty call. A police officer has piece of fence sticking out of his neck, and he's bleeding profusely. The amount of blood was pretty intense. The other police officer on the scene is impatient and wants the paramedics to help. He loses it and ends up hitting Herrmann. Luckily Casey is able to get him out of the way so Dawson and Brett can do their job.

After the paramedics drop the police officer off, Dawson decides to help Bria. She checked in on her at the beginning of the episode, and thought something was off. She drops Bria off at her apartment and discovers that Bria's dad is a drug addict. Dawson tells her that her dad needs professional help, but Bria begs her not to call social services. Dawson finally agrees and gives Bria her card and says she will check in everyday.

Later in the episode Casey overhears Dawson and Severide talking about Bria, and he offers his advice. He's just worried that Dawson is getting played, but she doesn't want to hear it. Bria then calls panicking over her dad. When Severide and Gabby get to her place, her dad is seizing and eventually stops breathing. The paramedics and come and take care of him, and Bria is not happy. She's just angry because social services is going to split up her and her dad. Dawson stops at Med again so she can check on Bria, but she runs away from the hospital because she doesn't want to be in foster care. The episode ends with Dawson and Severide walking around Chicago trying to find her.

I'm tired of this story, and it only started. I just don't get why Dawson is so emotionally involved in this. And I hate that it's putting strain on Dawson and Casey's relationship. I usually side with Casey, and this time is no different. Casey's right when he said she's not communicating. Dawson's going to do whatever she wants to do- she always does.

This episode continued Brett and Antonio's secret relationship. Otis figures out that she's seeing someone, but Brett tells him it's none of his business. I thought it was funny when Mouch put his hand up and said, "I have a guess." Otis tells her that she can't keep a secret, and sure enough, she blabs to Gabby. It drives Otis and Cruz crazy that they don't know who she's seeing, and Otis eventually figures it out. Brett left Antonio's shirt in the dryer. When they tell Brett they know, she's not very happy and tells them to leave her stuff in the dryer next time.

The Brett/Antonio relationship doesn't last long as Brett tells him that their relationship doesn't work. She's afraid of getting hurt so she decides to stop it before it goes further. I just don't understand the writers. What was the point of bringing this relationship back if it was only going to last two episodes?

Boden's brother-in-law makes an appearance this week, and Boden is less than thrilled. Apparently Julian only shows up when he wants money. Julian talks about his new project which is working with fire equipment. He wants Boden to make a "small" $5,000 order of fire gloves to his get firm off the ground. Boden's skeptical, but agrees. He believes all of this money is going to Julian, and he'll never see any of that fire equipment. He's pleasantly surprised when Julian slows him the boxes of gloves, and he gets a discount on the order. I'm glad that Julian followed through, and I'm always happy when Donna's around. Can we have more of her, please?

Foul is Fair

This episode starts with Dawson still searching for Bria. She asks Casey if Stella can cover for her while she does more searching. A guy shows up and tells Severide that he knows Bria. Casey overhears and gets irritated that Dawson and Severide went to skid row and didn't tell him. Severide doesn't make things better when he says that Dawson knows how Casey doesn't like to get too close to victims. Severide learns from another girl that Bria went to go visit her dad, but they haven't seen her since. Dawson heads to Joliet (which doesn't sit well with Casey, either) to visit Bria's aunt. She doesn't get any answers from the aunt as she's mentally ill and implies that Bria's dad killed her mom. She said that Bria is better off on the streets.

While Dawson visits the aunt, Severide visits Bria's dad at the clinic to see if he knows anything. (Side note: I loved Cruz's flirtation with that woman. And how annoyed Severide seemed.) Bria's dad is upset and blames himself for this mess. Severide promises him that if he gets clean then Bria will be waiting for him. I know why Severide said this, but it was a little unfair to make this promise that he might not be able to keep.

At the end of the episode Dawson gets a call from the morgue. They have a teenage girl who has Dawson's card. Dawson gets up to leave, and Severide starts to come with her until Casey stops him and says he'll take her. I'm definitely sensing some tension between Casey and Severide, and I'm annoyed that the show did this. The Bria story line not only caused problems for Dawson and Casey but for Casey and Severide, too. I'm so over it. I mean, I hope that Bria's okay, but the show needs to wrap up this story and fast.

While I was irritated with Bria's story, I did like the two calls we had this week. The first call is to help a woman whose leg is trapped in one of those revolving doors. She's in severe pain, and she keeps screaming. Brett gives her a shot for the pain while Severide and Casey break the glass to try to free her. They also have to deal with an annoying man who keeps saying he's late and wants in. Severide tells him to be quiet. Luckily, they're able to free the woman and take her to the hospital. The man wants to know if he can come in, and Casey loses it. He just leaves in the door and kicks the door stop on the way out. I cheered.

The second call is to a house where Jemma, a child, answers the door. Her mom is passed out in the basement, and Stella and Brett need to rescue her. When they get to the basement Stella realizes the woman mixed chlorine and ammonia together creating a poisonous gas. Once they get her out of the house she seems to wake up and will be okay. The hazmat team shows up to clear out the basement, and Stella and Brett are both attracted to one of the members of the hazmat team, Zach.

This episode also revolved around a foul smell in the firehouse. The team spends most of the episode speculating on what it could be (Otis suggests it's Capp's "go" bag). Casey tells them to go through their belongings until they find the source of the smell. Boden finally has enough after someone tell headquarters the firehouse has black mold. Brett and Stella suggest they call Zach to see if he can figure out the smell. Zach does his job and quickly realizes the smell is coming from the wall. He says it's a dead critter, and unfortunately it's Mr. Sprinkles. Now, I thought this story was a little ridiculous, but it did offer some comic relief from the Bria story, and I appreciated that. I also loved how excited the guys got over memory foam mattresses at Molly's.

Stella and Brett argue over Zach some more, but ultimately Brett tells Zach that Stella is great, and he asks for her number. I really enjoyed Brett and Stella riding together this week, and I would love to see more of that. These two just click. I liked their scene at Molly's together, too.

I guess I enjoyed "Foul is Fair" better than "The Whole Point of Being Roommates" just because of the Stella/Brett scenes. But I can't say I loved either of them. I'm just tired of there being drama between Casey and Dawson and Severide.

What did you think of these two episodes? Are you tired of the drama? Are you ready for Bria's story to be over? Let me know in the comments section!

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