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STV Podcast 161 - Runaways - Spoiler TV Exclusive interview with star Angel Parker

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The podcast team were very lucky to speak to awesome and absolutely delightful Angel Parker from the hit Hulu show Runaways. You can listen to the full interview below but we thought we would share a few highlights from the interview:

How is it playing a strong character who is turning pretty-evil?
You will learn a little more about Catherine as the show goes on and you can’t paint her with just one brush, but yes, she does make some tough calls and tough choices and she is very clear on her mission. I love playing her, to play a woman who is so strong and so clear on what she needs to do and won’t let anyone stop her, that’s a strength and a quality I love tapping into. As the series goes on Catherine does change and she starts to question her decisions.

Catherine does seem to care about these kids.
Runaways is showing the heart of the pride, you do see that with all the adults, and pride members, there is a conflict. Every villain and character have reasons for what they do. When you get to see that those decisions are not easy, and that you don’t want to be that evil, but you sort of have to be in order to achieve the goals you have set out to achieve.  When your trying to get the truth out of Molly, it’s not an easy call to make. Catherine is very happy she doesn’t have to inject her with truth serum. But down the line, because they runaway, they know more than they are telling.

Is there any chance of your characters appearing in the greater MCU?
I think it is to early and we are definitely not at liberty to say. In the comics we crossed over with Cloak and Dagger, who have their own show now on Freeform. We haven’t shot anything which crosses over with them, which was in the original source material, but I would love for them to show up on our show and for us to show up with them, that would be very cool. The MCU is all connected and we have some fun little cameos in our show that I’m so excited for you to see.

Any word on season 2? Or is that something you don’t think about?
I think about it daily. I'm still waiting. We are all waiting and will hopefully know by Christmas so we will be able to celebrate all together, but no we don't know and it all depends on the fans and the success of the show. We are halfway through and we all wanna make more. I have a good feeling and I do think about it more than I should.


For more information about the rest of the season, Marvel constantly watching and working on streaming services shows listen to the audio interview below. (approx 20 mins):

Remember you can catch Marvels Runaways on Hulu now and new episodes on Tuesdays.

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