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Runaways - Kingdom - Advance Preview + Teasers

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Wow! That’s the only word I had to describe this episode on the first two watches and the third? Yep, more wow! This show just keeps getting better with every episode. It’s almost completely faultless (sorry but I’m standing by my criticism of the second episode), and this episode features scenes that are directly ripped from the comics. If you need a refresher on last weeks episode, you can check out Milo's excellent review here.

Last weeks episode left us on the cliff-hanger of Alex being kidnapped. This week once again opens with a flashback. It ties into two different storylines, both of which play out over the course of the episode.

We then get back to the present, where Karolina has rushed to Nico’s side in the aftermath of Alex being kidnapped. Gert and Molly join them soon after. Gert being the voice of reason questions where exactly they’re going, and what exactly the plan is. Nico being completely ruled by emotion whips out the Staff of one to provide some assistance. While Karolina is completely team Nico, ready and willing to drive to wherever to rescue Alex, Gert is a little wary. It’s a very interesting argument which Gert is completely outnumbered on, and they set off in the car with Karolina driving. The promo provided a small glimpse of this, but I promise you are not ready for how funny this scene is. I enjoyed it so much in the comics and it’s even better in motion.

As you’ll have noticed from the promo, Chase is absent from the car scene. He spends most of this episode bonding with his dad. There is a particular moment which is fantastic acting from Gregg Sulkin, matched perfectly by James Marsters.

Because of the storylines nature, I’m not going to touch on the details of Alex’s kidnapping. But what we get in the aftermath of that is an absolutely glorious scene. You may have caught a glimpse of it in the promos leading up to the series premiere, and indeed the promo for this episode.

Once all this is done, the Runaways are catching up at the cafĂ© and basically in awe of each other. It is a really adorable scene. We then have another scene that is ripped from the comics involving Karolina. Reading this scene in the comics I felt really bad for her. That’s nothing compared to the heartbreak of the live-action form. This scene later leads to Karolina breaking down and it’s incredibly well acted again by Virginia Gardner.

This episode juggles multiple storylines extremely well, with particular attention given to one Runaway and their family. The episodes conclusion gives us an extremely heartfelt scene of my favourite trio; Old Lace, Molly and Gert.

Victor and Tina are perhaps the two parents most despised, but this episode shines another light onto them. Tina obviously finds out that Nico has taken the Staff of one and her reaction is extremely surprising. Likewise, we also get an explanation of sorts on Victor’s behaviour. The ending to this week’s episode will probably have your jaw on the floor.

Kingdom is available to watch this Tuesday on Hulu, and below are some dialogue teasers.

“It’s also a little bit about how sick I feel”
“I’m with everyone, we need your assistance to save Alex from some unidentified abductors”
“That is if you don’t kill us first”
“You better not say anything, you better shut up”
“She’s beautiful and she glows, great!”
“I think we’re kicking ass”
“My mother never gave me anything. But that’s not how I want things to be with us”

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