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Mom - Too Many Hippies and Huevos Rancheros - Review: "Plunketville"

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When tragedy strikes, the women of AA come together. Or, in Adam's words, "When there's a crisis, they shine the AA signal on a cloud." This week, tragedy strikes.

While Christy's on her way to a date with Patrick, she gets a call from Bonnie. Marjorie's husband has had a stroke. At the hospital, the girls are sitting with Marjorie when Wendy comes out to the waiting area. Victor is out of surgery and stable, but there's really no way to know how bad the damage was.

Back at the house, Adam and Patrick are hanging out, with Adam giving Patrick advice on what it's like to be dating an "aggressively sober woman." Patrick wants to go down to the hospital and take Christy a change of clothes, despite Adam not wanting him to. ("If you bring Christy something, I gotta bring Bonnie something or I look like a tool.")

Patrick wins out and the brothers head to the hospital. (Adam brings Bonnie the Sudoku puzzle she's been working on for a year, sans pencil.) Once at the hospital, Adam and Christy decide to go on their date in the hospital cafeteria. As the two share a kiss, Bonnie keeps appearing behind them. She's gotten lost in the cafeteria herself and can't find a way out. (I feel you Bonnie. I've gotten lost in a hospital cafeteria too!)

Two weeks later, Patrick's gone back to Santa Cruz. Bonnie and Christy go to bring Marjorie dinner. Realizing she hasn't been able to leave the house since Victor came home, they decide she needs to go out for "a meeting and a pedicure, stat." Of course, after reading the Dr.'s instructions, Bonnie leaves Christy to watch Victor, while she takes Marjorie out.

Later that day, the girls go home to find Adam and Patrick once again plopped on the couch hanging out. Patrick's decided to sneak up for a visit, in order to take Christy on a real date.

That night, Christy arrives home. Bonnie and Adam were expecting her to spend the night with Patrick, so they begin interrogating. Apparently, Christy started talking about having to care for Victor and jumped to talking about caring for Patrick one day. (She "may have used the word diaper.") This seemed to scare Patrick away a bit, and he quickly dropped her off.

The next morning, Christy goes to Patrick's hotel room and apologizes. There, Patrick admits something. He's found himself picturing his future with Christy too. Straight out of a divorce, a serious relationship obviously wasn't in the plan, and so he's a bit terrified. Christy says that "You're as crazy as I am and that's kind of reassuring." They kiss again (and again and again...) and decide to (attempt) to take things slow.

Random Thoughts:
-Adam's tactic to have Bonnie go to meetings on prime-time football nights is hilarious. I hope he gets his shrine!

-I had forgotten about Marjorie's 18 million cats!

-I'm continually loving Jill's little cameos. ("Uh-oh, Gary's back. I gotta hide you in my bra!")

-Christy has a "good" mugshot. Why am I not surprised?

-Best lines this week is a tie, both going to Bonnie. "All I'm saying is that there's a real danger in waiting, Christy. You could develop serious feelings for Patrick and then find out he's got a crooked unit!" and "Have you priced a casket lately?"

Do you think Christy and Patrick are going to last? Will Marjorie be okay? Let me know below!

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