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The Orville - Into the Fold - Review

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It's always a gamble when a show focuses most of an episodes screen time on children. Unfortunately, for The Orville, the gamble did not pay off in this past episode.

'Into the Fold' focused on Dr. Finn and Isaac, the last remaining characters who have yet to have an episode revolve around them. The duo, along with Finn's two children, find themselves stranded on a planet ravished by famine and disease.

The character beat explored - how Dr. Finn lacks parental discipline - was not a wise a way to go because that meant bratty annoying children, and throughout most of the episode we, as viewers, had to suffer through their painful nonsense as well.

Dr. Finn is also a bland character who cannot carry an episode by herself. The scenes involving her trapped in the cell was no where near as engaging as it would have been with a more compelling character.

Despite any flaws an episode may have, The Orville has consistently told a good story. However, the plot of 'Into the Fold' was the season's weakest, and the fact the characters involved were the show's weakest, as well, didn't help any.

It must be said that the creative behind Orville seem to know who their weak characters are as Dr. Finn and Lieutenant LeMarr, who was featured last week, were saved to the last of the character introductory episodes and they have been,not surprisingly, the most forgettable episodes.

The only saving grace in 'Into the Fold' though would have to be Isaac whose lack of understanding of human emotion continued to be amusing. Though his character this episode was overshadowed by the irritating personalities of the two children who accompanied him.

Overall, 'Into the Fold' was a true low point for the season. I hope we don't see these two children again in The Orville, or at least their screen time is kept to a minimum. The creative were smart to place this episode in the middle of the season; let's hope that next week and henceforth we get back to what made the early episodes of The Orville so compelling.


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