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Some recent Site changes/updates to announce *Updated 17th November 2017*

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Update: 17th November 2017

A few more little updates.

- On the New Mobile Site, we've now made it so that tables/spreadsheets/charts etc should now all display directly in the articles
- On the New Mobile Site, the image gallery has been improved to show the highest resolution possible of the image.
- On the desktop version of the site, we've moved the "Trending NOW" to be part of the fixed navigation menu so that it is always visible. As a result of this now being smaller, we can fit more info on the main homepage.
- Also on the Desktop Version, we've moved the Social Media icons to the top navigation menu.
- The sidebar on the desktop version has been changed to improve readability by increasing the spacing between items

- The show selector on the desktop version has been changed to make the font a little smaller to fit more item in.
- The Trending Today section calculation has been improved to make the items there more accurate in reflecting what is currently popular on the site.
- The Trending Now items now calculates what it trending within the last 5 mins. This was previously calculating every hour, so this now more accurately shows what is trending on the site.
- The Subscribe to Youtube button has been added to the other social media icons on the Desktop Navigation Menu.

Update: 14th November 2017

Just a couple of little updated.

Announcing Telegram Channel/Alerts

We now have a Telegram channel for those of you that use Telegram in order to get alerts of new articles/posts on the site.

You can access and subscribe to the channel here :

Let us know if you do sign up and what you think. Also let us know if you think you might find show specific channels useful.

Improved Classic View and fixed switching bug

We've fixed a bug in the Classic View switching that stopped people correctly switching to the Classic View mobile version of the site.

We've also made the menu on the Classic View fixed to the top of the browser so that's its always available. In addition, we've reduced the size of the SpoilerTV header logo so that more items can be viewed on the screen.

We've also fixed a couple of smaller issues regarding font sizes on the mobile version.

Hey All,

Just a couple of little changes that I thought would be useful to mention to you.

If you have any questions about any of these, or encounter any related issues, please don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

Show Search

On the desktop version of the site, we've made the Show Search box larger so that it's easier to find the show you want.

In addition to this change, we've also changed the ordering of the shows. The list is now sorted by how many articles there are for a show. This will surface the generally more established and popular shows near the top of the box. Again, this should make getting to the show you want a little quicker.


As some of you may or may not have noticed, we've recently gone through a large migration process to move all of SpoilerTV over to HTTPS. HTTPS is the secure web protocol that many sites are switching over to. This should not impact the day to day use for our users but will help the site load quicker and get better ranked by Google.

We've also migrated over the Image Gallery and the Episode and Ratings Database.

Wider Desktop

We've made a small change to the overall width of the desktop version of the site to cater for people with larger desktops. This is just a small change but should make things a little more spaced out.

Minimal Desktop

As you may or may not know, we have a number of ways you can configure the desktop version of the site to suit you own preference. eg Header image, Background Color, Thumbnails etc.

One of these options is to have a minimal version of the site for those with smaller screens. We have done some changes to make this look and work a little better. This basically cleans the interface and removes the sidebar etc. These are all accessed from the "Configure Site" links.

Mobile Switching

Although we have a fancy new mobile site, we understand that many people still prefer the old style version which loads quicker on older devices and over slow connections. One of the issues we had was that finding and getting to the Classic version was a little difficult.

As a result we've added the "Classic Version switch" to the menu.

Also, on the Classic View version of the site, we have reduced the size of the "Smartphone" switch button that allows you to switch back from Classic View to the new version. This was based on feedback from people who felt the button was too large, got in the way and caused them to occasionally press on it inadvertently.

NOTE: We are encountering a issue with some devices with the system not remembering what you have switched to/from. The developers are aware and are working on making this more reliable for everyone.

YouTube Channel

As recently announced, we now have our own YouTube channel. We already have over 800 subscribers and we hope in the future to have lots of new features here as well as the usual Promos, Sneak Peeks etc.

You can click this link to Subscribe.

More Articles Displayed

With the change to HTTPS as mentioned above, the site will now load a little quicker. As a result we've increased the number of articles that are displayed on the homepage without impacting the overall loading time.

For Desktop and Classic View Mobile users, this has been increased from 12 to 24 articles.
For the New Mobile site users, we can now list 50 articles on the homepage.

Streaming Options

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