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Blindspot - Enemy Bag of Tricks - Review

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In 'Enemy Bag of Tricks' the team gets back to normalcy, sort of, as they tackle a case of the week (for us at least). As relevant as the storyline was, North Koreans and missiles n' all, there was not anything memorable to attach to. Though it was nevertheless fun to just see the team working out their kinks and getting back in action.

One of those aforementioned kinks was Weller adjusting to Reade as team leader - he clearly is not used to taking orders. It was also nice to see Reade and Zapata rekindling their friendship. Meeting the former's new love interest was cute, and so was their dialogue at the end with poor Zapata forced to be a third wheel.

Meanwhile, Jane is a vegan now. Am I the only one that found it weird how Kurt finds out during breakfast one random morning. Did they not eat together prior to then, like for lunch or dinner the day before? Anywho, how heartwarming was it to see Kurt attempt to cook tofu steaks for Jane.

Also, poor Stewart! He was bound to die soon as his character was not needed, but it was still sad to see the brunt of everyone's joke done away. This obviously is due to the tattoo he was researching on on his own, and it'll be interesting to see where this leads to.

Roman had some great development in 'Enemy Bag of Tricks.' His comments about his loneliness while at the support group was heartwarming, and had me actually believe that we would see a sympathetic side in the antagonist. However, that would not be the case as it was clear he was manipulating the Aussie dude all along, leading to him murdering the poor fella.

Nevertheless, there is still hope that he did mean some of what he said in the support group. We do know he is lonely, whether he admits it or not, and that he does have a soft spot for his sister, as well.

What Roman's true intentions are continue to be intriguing, especially now that he has stolen the identity of this Aussie dude. His claim to Weller that he is trying to save the world, not burn it down, seems like it is true, so far, being that his tattoo stopped North Koreans from bringing hellfire to America.

If the plan is to make Roman this Red-esque type of anti-hero, then I am totally down for it. Luke Mitchell has been fabulous in the role of Roman, and it would be a waste of his character if he turned out to be just some bad guy.

Overall, 'Enemy Bag of Tricks' was a standard case of the week episode. The proceedings, however, did achieve its purpose in establishing this return to normalcy as the team learned to work together again. On the plus side, Roman continues to be a bright spot, whatever his motivations are, while the chemistry between Jane and co. is stronger than ever. Poor Stewart!


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