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Z Nation - Warren's Dream & Escape from Zona - Review - 'A Z-set'

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The first two episodes of Z Nation season 4 refreshed the narrative of the show - taking us two years into the future with all of our heroes scattered.

First up was Warren, who wakes up from a coma with a disturbingly happy Murphy by her bedside. We find out they are in Zona, made stable by Murphy's vaccine.

It is great to see Murphy on the same page as Warren. His smug, arrogant antagonism hurt the show, more than helped it last season.

However, this whole pleasant-ville Zona place did drag in the premiere. So, it was a welcome development when we find out in episode 2 that the vaccine was turning the residents crazy, forcing Murphy and Warren to leave the haven.

Elsewhere was 10K, Doc, Red, and Sun Mei who, over the course of the premiere, reunite and set their sights on a rumoured zombie free haven in Northern Canada called NuMerica.

The first two episodes were mainly concerned with setting up the season, so the proceedings did drag in parts as we got caught up with all our heroes. However, things are being taken in a very interesting direction.

It is revealed in 'Escape from Zona' that the inhabitants of the convoy that was supposed to drive our heroes and the camp to NuMerica disappeared in thin air. This is followed by the sudden disappearance of Red and Sun Mei. What in the blue hell is going on here?

There are also the intriguing developments of the zombies being unkillable and Warren's dream, a burning world, possibly having to do with this reset that The Founder of Zona is referring to. Are they planning on burning down the world to rid it of all the Z's? This is further implied by the burning of the zombie hand in the lab at the end of the premiere.

The show has also become more about female empowerment than it ever has. Along with our fearless leader, Warren, as well as the always badass Addy (who now rocks an eye patch because why not), Lucy and Red have also officially joined the team this season. That's not to mention Sun Mei who, right now, seems like fodder.

'Warren's Dream' and 'Escape from Zona' lacked the zing, in terms of humour, we are used to seeing in this show. Though hints of it were still present here and there. Nevertheless, Z Nation has been taken in a new, intriguing direction. I have a feeling now that the groundwork has been set, episode 3 onwards will get back to the craziness that fans expect from Z Nation.


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