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Ghosted - Bee-mo - Review

In the second episode of “Ghosted,” the FOX comedy finds a little more balance in its pacing and laughs. Similarly, our precious lead duo of Adam Scott and Craig Robinson find a little more footing into their characters Max and Leroy and the chemistry they share. Is it enough to keep the viewer interested?

My honest answer: maybe. I’m still into it and even enjoying it ever so slightly because I adore Scott and Robinson. The comedy is there in mostly bits and party but the rapid, random editing leaves me wanting better. As for the story, it’s only been two episodes so I’m willing to give the show a chance to see where it goes but.

Let’s find out more about what happened in “Bee-mo,” the show’s first Halloween-based episode. If you’re thrown off by the episode because it’s still early October, I believe it’s because the episode order was changed around. This was originally episode 4.

Max and Leroy continue to work on their unlikely friendship. Leroy invites Max, with a little reluctance, to go trick-or-treating with him and Jermaine, his old partner’s son. He’s apprehensive about his relationship with the kid because they used to be close but the last couple of times they’ve spoken, he’s been distant.

While driving Jermaine around in the evening, Leroy gets a reality check because he finds out that the kid only excitedly agreed to go with him instead of his mom because she wouldn’t allow him to go to a party hosted by this girl he likes. He was hoping Leroy would take him anyway. Leroy refuses.

They’re interrupted when they got the call from Bureau Underground about a possible demon or monster sighting. (a zombie-like cat shown during the opening moments of the episode). The two newly minted BU agents go to the location to see what’s happening but find nothing. Jermaine, who was asked to sit in the car, obviously doesn’t and spots the cat. While trying to rescue it, he gets bit.

The kid also turns into a powerful zombie of sorts, breaking open the car door and running away. Max and Leroy set out to find him and go to the house where the party is happening, knowing that’s where Jermaine will go. When they enter the house, they see that all the kids have turned into these fierce creatures, ready to bite whoever comes in their way.

BU tech and weapons expert Annie comes along, bantering with Max as she preps them with tactical gear and tasers. Hmm, do I spy a romance brewing? Possibly. So far, the two show no chemistry because they’ve barely shared screen space but who knows how that’s going to turn out.

As the two men enter the house, I’m glad we see them address how Max is completely incapable of handling this situation. While Leroy has 15 years of police experience that comes in very handy, his partner just doesn’t work well with anything. They still manage to subdue the kids and Max even gets the mom before she attacks Leroy.

They take the kids back to BU but on the drive there, Max starts feeling queasy so they assume he's bit. To avoid him turning all crazy, Max gets duct taped to the seat. Well, too bad, because it’s actually Leroy that turns into the zombie and tries to attack a seat-bound Max. Luckily for them, Annie comes to their rescue.

At the BU headquarters, Captain Lefray decides to pass off this event as a bacterial virus. On the way home, when Jermaine is finally himself, Leroy makes it clear that despite wanting to be the “cool uncle,” he’ll still be protective of him because that’s what he promised the kid’s father he would do. All is well again!

Side notes:

1. Obviously, Max and Leroy aka Scott and Robinson are the stars of the show. One’s incessant cheerful personality perfectly matches the other’s don’t-really-care vibe. This episode still doesn’t really dive into the other characters sparing some small scenes.

2. Annie has kind of a crush on her boss Lefray for being excellent at her job.

3. Barry (Adeel Akhtar) is the obvious class clown, so to speak, and I hope they expand on that. I see some good humor coming from his scenes.

4. After that reveal towards the end of the pilot that the BU is apparently monitoring
Max’s abducted wife, they don’t get into it at all this episode. It might be because of the change of the episode orders but...where will that story lead us?

5. Max is super close to his mother who was the best man at his wedding! Cute or creepy?

What did you think of “Bee-mo?” Are you liking the show in general? Let us know in the comments.


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