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Z Nation - A New Mission: Keep Moving - Review

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'A New Mission: Keep Moving' was a critical episode for Z Nation. Warren and co. have always felt like a familial unit over the past three seasons, but never had the bond felt so strong as it did in 'Keep Moving.'

We have seen, over the last couple of episodes, a growth in Warren as a leader and the influence she has on her team. At the end of 'The Vanishing' everyone was willing to blindly follow Warren east into the unknown because of their trust in her leadership. However, every great leader is not whole without the advice of their followers, and we see this in 'New Mission.'

The intervention was brilliantly done. After a tender moment, in which Warren shares with everyone her agonizing visions, the team vote on turning around and heading to NewMerica, as simply, her gut was not enough to go on. However, by episodes end they go back East, proving once again the trust that the team has in Warren. More inspiring is the honesty between everyone, especially since this intervention was lead by Murphy, who was once working against everyone's best interests.

Murphy also showed a different side in him in this episode when Lucy was kidnapped. Not often do we get to see him heading into danger, but his love for his daughter motivated him to confront the kidnappers head strong. As Warren said to Murphy, as he consolded in her, all it takes is time. Even though Lucy was still giving Murphy the cold shoulder by episodes end, her affectionate, "are you ok?," after she saw blood on his shirt was a great step forward.

Speaking of Murphy, actor Keith Allen directed this episode, his first. I thought he did a great job in depicting the claustrophobia of navigating through The Great Pile. Couple that with the overhead shots to show the massiveness of the wasteland, really made us feel right there with the team.

Another actor and character that shone in this episode was Grace Phipps as Sgt. Lillie who is quickly fitting in seamlessly with the team. Not only does she provide expertise in weaponry and diffusing bombs, but she is also proving to be a strong right-hand woman to Warren, especially in the team leaders time of instability, visions n' all. Under the hardened disciplined exterior of Lillie, is also a bit of quirkiness that is so essential to this show. I hope she sticks around much longer.

None of the other characters had much to work with in this episode, though Doc once again provided some classic humour from his inner monologue to his line, "Oh, they smashed my kiwis!"

Overall, this was a strong episode in a season that keeps improving week by week. The ongoing mysteries, of why the Z's are harder to kill, Warren's visions, and now what is happening with Murphy in eating his own flesh (yuck!), has helped give a different feel to Season 4.

Also, things are a bit more serious, which makes the show more engaging, yet there is just enough humour and wonkiness to keep it from hitting anywhere close to Walking Dead levels, ala the Enders. It'll be interesting to see how they bring Addy, Sun, and Red back into the fold as, after 'A New Mission,' this team feels closer than ever without them.

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