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You're The Worst - Worldstar! - Review: I'm Not A Real Person And It's All Your Fault

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"I'm not really a do-something-about-stuff kind of person."


It turns out Jimmy and Gretchen fell asleep on the phone, and she wakes up to his snoring with a smile, she tries to tell him she's feeling good about them but his snores get louder and she gives up. She still continues to be happy and even tells Lindsay she's open to considering getting back together, though she's not good at being proactive, so when Boone invites her camping, she's conflicted, she's feeling guilty for telling him she wanted to go down the relationship road, and when she tries to tell him she doesn't want to go camping, he invites her to Palm Springs and she can't refuse him.

"I could let the universe decide for me, that way it's never my fault."

It turns out it's Becca is the one Lindsay's blaming right now, but when she goes over to her house to punch her, she finds a much more likely source of trauma, her mom. Becca and Lindsay start competing over their mom's attention, but Vernon gets ALL of it, and she gets his, which is brought to an extreme when they find him masturbating to one of her old movies (ew) and gets a punch from Becca. Vernon was also in pain during this whole episode, though it was more like background noise, it seems Becca is following in her mother's footsteps and ignoring her kid (which I hope gets addressed soon), leaving Vernon to deal with everything even though he's not getting ANY sleep.

"I had her, you watch her. That was the deal."

This episode really remarked how badly Jimmy treats Edgar and I can't wait for him to cop to it for once. But my sympathy for Edgar winded down a lot after this episode, he continues to be led on a dark path by Max, but it gets even worse when he takes the reins. A fellow vet delivers food to them but Edgar pretends not to know him, since he doesn't want his new friend to know he's a vet yet, but the guy is mad they make him come back and he tells Max the truth, Edgar's revenge, though, is dark AF, he humiliates him for money and a good rating on the app.

"He thinks he's better than me, but he ain't shit, never was."

When Lindsay finally gets the nerve to confront Becca and tell her it's all her fault, Becca won't take the blame, and doesn't even let her blame their childhood because she says she's perfect, but after "the Vernon incident", she admits she's not happy and her life is far from perfect, which finally gives the sisters something to bond over. While watching old tapes, the girls realize their mother never paid either of them any attention, so Lindsay proposes to unload on her and tell her how they feel.

"The only way our lives are gonna get fixed is if we fix them ourselves."

With that line in mind, Gretchen goes home to Jimmy. Now, he started the day off happy as a clam, just like her, due to his book being a "best seller" and also the phone call, but when Max pressured Edgar into telling him Boone was with Gretchen the night before and she met his daughter, Jimmy's humor deflated. His sudden dark demeanor led him to try and have sex with Katherine, someone he used to know when he was a kid, but this plays against him when she remembers they called him "Shitty Jimmy". Eventually, though, they have hate-sex right on time for Gretchen to find them (and to masturbate while watching them, what is wrong with you, indeed?). This episode started off so hopeful, but I knew it couldn't last, there are still a few episodes to go until this season is over, and though I don't want it to end, I need the reunion now.

"Happiness is a finite commodity, you have to steal it from people."

What about you? I look forward to your comments.

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