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This Is Us - Episode 2.05 - Brothers - Promo, Sneak Peeks, Promotional Photos + Press Release

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Sneak Peek

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Does this news possibly push up plans for a wedding?

Kids are not cheap, that’s for sure. And weddings aren’t either. So I think that Kate and Toby are really living in this moment, and are living in the now. And while, of course, that’s in the back of both of their minds and the to-do list — and who knows what a Kate-and-Toby wedding will look like, which is another story for another time — I do think that it’s something that is going to be put on the back burner because we don’t know what this all is going to look like.

What hint can you drop about episode 5?

You’ll get to see Toby’s reaction, and what and how he truly feels about being a father. And what it means for their relationship. And if that dynamic will change, and how, so… [deep exhale] … yeah.
Kate’s need to be healthy for the baby did border on obsessive. What other fears or factors will this pregnancy have on her?

There’s always fear of how she’s started to pursue what she wants with her music so she wonders if she’s going to end up like her mom and be resentful. And then there’s the wondering if she’s fit and healthy enough mentally, physically and emotionally to have a baby so that comes with a whole host of worries and anxieties. But ultimately, she and Toby love each other desperately. Like many people, they want to have a family whether they adopt or biologically have them. I’m undecided myself; I have a large family and I taught preschool. But by nature a lot of women feel compelled to have children. Kate specifically has that desire but never thought it could be possible and never thought she’d find somebody she’d want to have children with. Toby can be such an incredible human. Can you imagine him as a father? So it’s something that while she’s very afraid and timid over, she’s still very excited that it’s a possibility and now it’s happening.


10/24/2017 (09:00PM - 10:01PM) (Tuesday) : Kate surprises Toby at work. Kevin and Randall attend a charity fundraiser for Sophie's hospital. Jack takes the boys on a camping trip, leaving Rebecca to deal with some unexpected news.

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