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The Last Man on Earth - Skeleton Crew & Wisconsin - Reviews

The last two episodes of The Last Man on Earth have not been the strongest of the series, but they managed to move the story along and to be entertaining enough. While "Skeleton Crew" focused on Pamela's attempt at redemption, "Wisconsin" took a closer look at how the group does when they are not sticking together.

Written by Kassia Miller, "Skeleton Crew" picked up where episode 3 left us, after Tandy (Will Forte) reunited with the rest of the group. As they drag her behind the yacht, Pamela (Kristen Wiig) goes overboard so the group realize it's better to let her back on the boat. To make up for her previous bad behavior, Pamela promises to serve the others and proves to be as insistant as Tandy. Her character is in fact very similar to Will Forte's and it's almost a good thing for the group that she doesn't stick around for every long, because two characters like Tandy would soon drive everyone nuts. Indeed, Glenn (Chris Elliott) and Pamela get close to one another over the course of this episode and, after finally reaching Mexico and Glenn seeing the results of the virus with his own eyes, they decide to leave to try to find Glenn's kids (even if they are well aware the kids are most likely dead).

While Glenn and Pamela start a relationship, Todd (Mel Rodriguez) is disappointed by Zihuatanejo, the town they arrived in in Mexico. He anticipated it to be a lot better that it turns out to be, but that does not stop Carol from quickly finding things to love about it as she decides that they should live in the local hospital. She is obviously worried about her pregnancy and wants to remain close to medical equipment. The town, Zihuatanejo, is actually the Mexican town mentioned in the movie The Shawshank Redemption, and this episode of The Last Man on Earth actually revolves around the notion of redemption a lot through Pamela's character. Surprisingly enough, Carol (Kristen Schaal) is the one who forgives Pamela first and parallels with the 1994 movie are made throughout the episode.

All in all, "Skeleton Crew" is a descent episode of The Last Man on Earth, but it doesn't leave an unforgettable mark. It's funny at times, but does not do much to make the show really stand out when it should. "Wisconsin," on the other end, left a slightly stronger impression. Written by Matt Marshall, it picks up with Tandy showing to the crew his brand new "Alive in Mexico" sign (he could not spell out "Alive in Zihuatanejo") and, as he shows the group the sign, everyone leaves expect Carol, bringing in the central idea of this episode: they all want a break from the goofy couple.

If Carol is really happy about moving into a medical clinic, she is pretty much the only one. Gail (Mary Steenburgen) and the others want to have their separate homes. While Melissa (January Jones) and Todd pick a place to spend their kinky honeymoon, Gail and Erica (Cleopatra Coleman) choose another house. Carol is quite upset to not have her "mom" around because she is afraid to miss out on life's important moments. But it turns out she is the only one upset about it, because when her and Tandy go to visit Gail, they find out she is having a dinner party with everyone but them.

Mad about being left out, Carol decides to test Gail's involvement in her life by faking going into labor. Of course, Gail freaks out and runs to Carol's side only to find Tandy (in a diaper) playing the newborn and Carol yelling at her. Meanwhile, Todd is tired of all the weird sex him and Melissa are having, but doesn't know how to tell her he cannot keep up. To get back at Carol, Gail yells a series of fake emergencies into a walkie-talkie, soon joined by Erica and Melissa. In the middle of this, Todd warns his wife he is having a heart attack, and suddenly nothing is funny anymore. The fainting fit gives everyone a good reason to panic and actually brings the crew all back together. After Todd recovers, Gail admits to Carol that even if they are a strange group, they are better off together than apart. This idea of being better as a group is central to this episode and closes "Wisconsin" on a bitter then sweet note, as the show knows how to do so well went it brings in drama into the comedy.

That's my take on these past two episodes. What about you, what did you think of "Skeleton Crew" and "Wisconsin"?

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