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The Big Bang Theory - The Explosion Implosion - Review: "Father in Training"

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We're finding out the sex of the baby! We're finding out the sex of the baby! Boy oh...

Boy. Bernadette and Howard don't appear to be as excited as we are.

At Penny and Leonard's, Howard confesses that he's terrified of having a son because he doesn't consider himself to be very manly. Sheldon reminds him that those who can't do, teach.

He knows that was shady. Well, if Howard can't teach his boy to be 'manly', perhaps Bernadette or Penny can!

Apparently her ability to pee into small spaces is A+!

Howard realizes he can teach his son how to make model rockets! Sheldon is elated, mainly because the conversation has shifted to science. He won't let it go, continually redirecting the discussion back to his favourite topic.

The next day, Leonard is taking his Star Fleet uniform to the dry cleaners to have a stain removed. Penny mentions something about it having to do with green paint Leonard gets her to wear in bed. No further questions.

Before Leonard can make it out the door, his mom video calls through the computer. He moves at an even quicker pace. Penny is left to answer the call.

Penny looks for a reason as to why Leonard will be "disappointed" he missed the call, to no avail. Apparently Beverly's been engaging in Cuban food and some... other physical activity. Penny's so glad Beverly is sharing details of her personal life!


Meanwhile, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are going through space toys and models in Howard's garage. Sheldon notices Howard has an unopened Replica Saturn Five. Howard says his father got it for him before he abandoned ship, so he hasn't been able to open it. Raj can relate - he once got a Mercedes from his father...

Yeah, enough said.

Howard realizes that perhaps all of these toys and models could've been what led him to become an engineer. Sheldon and Raj agree that their fathers might have played a role in their future careers. Sheldon's father taught him about the science behind flatulence. Once, Raj's father sent him to Hawaii to look through a telescope...

There's nothing he can say that would even be half relatable to his friends' struggles.

Howard asks Sheldon if he'd like to build the Replica Saturn Five with him. Sheldon thinks it would be a bonding experience, alright!

They'll never be on the same page.

At Bernadette and Howard's, Bernie's packing up all of Hallie's clothes that no longer fit, as they're having a son. Raj comes up with some unique ideas for how to transform the girls clothing to boys clothing.

Adding long sleeves underneath this number could lead to a Baby Sheldon! Is it weird that I think that would be totally adorable?! Bernadette asks if Raj inherited his sister's hand me downs, which is why he knows about how to turn girls clothing into boys.

Sure. That's why. Now I want to see childhood photos of Raj in his 'DIY' boys clothing. Guess he's been battling gender norms since the start!

On the way to launch their model rocket, Howard remembers that it's tradition that at all rocket launches there are peanuts in the room. Sheldon believes it's a superstition. The two go back and forth, Sheldon eventually encouraging Howard to locate a 'nut' store. Howard then thinks out loud, saying perhaps it is indeed just a superstition. The two continue with their journey.

At Penny and Leonard's, Penny gets a call from Beverly, hoping to continue their previous girly conversation. Apparently, Beverly doesn't have many 'girl' friends she can relate to.

Penny's enthralled. She suggests they bring a third friend into the mix who they can trash talk behind her back. Beverly mentions Amy, and the word dower.

The tea wine is being spilled, and Penny is for it.

In... the middle of nowhere... Howard and Sheldon are preparing to launch the rocket. Sheldon continues interrupting Howard's countdown, saying he's counting wrong; and, that perhaps his bossiness played a role in his father leaving. Ouch. Finally, he makes it to one.

Well that didn't end as expected.

Howard's panicking about not knowing how to raise a boy. He asks Sheldon for advice (because he knows), to which he asks what Howard knows about raising a girl. This opens a whole new can of worms.

At Penny and Leonard's, Penny's texting Beverly. Leonard's surprised to hear this news. Penny thinks she's lonely, but proudly announces that Beverly is proud of her career choice.

All Leonard got from his mom was a book written about his bedwetting problem. Also, he admits to marrying Penny to make his mom angry. Love at its purest form, folks.

In the middle of nowhere, Howard and Sheldon are cleaning up after the explosion. Sheldon tries to cheer up his pal... praising him for having all of his fingers after an explosion so close-by. When that doesn't work, he tries getting stern with Howard, like his father used to. No luck. It's sweet to see Sheldon trying to help, when moments ago he was looking for every reason to critique Howard and his choices. What a breath of fresh air! In a hot, sticky desert.

At Bernie and Howard's, Raj is sewing away. Apparently he put a baseball bat and two little baseballs on a onesie. Bernadette thinks it looks like something else. I'll let you do the math.

Bernadette confesses that she wishes Hallie could've had a sister, as she grew up with brothers. Raj says the baby boy could be rough and tumble, or sweet and sensitive... or both, like him!

Does Raj have secret, hidden personalities like we discovered Sheldon does last week?

At Amy and Sheldon's, Leonard walks in proclaiming that Penny has befriended his mother.

Amy finds this hard to believe, as Penny can only have one best friend, and it's her. Leonard continues his rant, and soon Amy jumps onboard, worried that Penny feels neglected as she's been so busy with her own life. The two end up yelling, pacing, and each freaking out about their friend and mother, respectively. For a moment, it felt as if I was watching a soap opera. Cue dramatic music!

On the way home from the failed launch, Sheldon tells Howard, who's driving, that people overcome by emotion are poor drivers. He asks if he can drive, and shares that three years ago he went on a 'license kick' and got his drivers license. Howard's shocked. After hesitation, and Sheldon pointing out that Howard doesn't care if he lives or dies, he agrees to let Sheldon drive. To be clear, he does want to live, though. Do I hear a driving lesson in the works?

At Penny and Leonard's, Leonard is video calling his mother. She's less than thrilled when he appears on the screen, and not Penny. Leonard asks why she's not proud of him, but seems to be doting on her daughter-in-law. Beverly says that out of all of her children's spouses, she loves Penny the most - for that, she's proud of Leonard.

The dude's brought to tears. Now, this is love in its strangest form.

On the road, SHELDON is behind the wheel! Are we seeing things?!

He's doing well, and Howard's doing a great job teaching his friend. In a moment of rarity, Sheldon says Howard will make a great father. Howard's taken aback, understandably. Sheldon being sincere doesn't happen every day. It's kind of like a leap year... but every eight years instead of four. Once they've recovered from that sentimental moment, Sheldon asks if he can drive faster. Howard agrees. He regrets the decision seconds later.

We have a renegade Sheldon, moving at 112 MPH!

Sheldon tells the officer he can keep his license. I think he's had too much fun for one... life.

Howard and Sheldon have never had the best relationship, but sometimes, it takes a moment of crisis to realize just how much someone cares. I have a feeling Sheldon will play a significant role in Howard's son's life, as he helped his friend find the light at the end of this initially daunting tunnel. Now i'm thinking of what Sheldon will be like as a father - the kid will be unique, that's for sure. But I can see it.

Down below, let me know if you're excited Bernadette and Howard are having a son (or if you wish they were having a girl), if you would trust Sheldon driving you through a winding desert... or anywhere, really, and if you think the baby will end up wearing any of Raj's 'repurposed' girls clothing!

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