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Ghosted - Whispers - Review

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This week, “Ghosted” took a swing at the legendary monster, the succubus, while diving a little deeper in Max and Leroy’s romantic relationships. Despite a fairly funny performance by Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, the episode and the show overall still seems...rushed. Of all three that are out, this one was better but still didn't quite hit the spot.

Firstly, if the show is taking the “monster of the week” route, which is totally fine, it needs to up the stakes and be less predictable. Secondly, the only way to make “Ghosted” an ensemble comedy is to give the rest of the characters a meaty storyline. In this we see that happen but it didn’t do much except prove Amber Stevens West’s knack for dry humor.

Let’s break down everything that happens in “Whispers.”

While practicing at the gun range, Max learns about Leroy’s ex-girlfriend Tanya. He had proposed to her but she said no. After this, he’s not really dated anyone. The two are sent to a resort in Florida, to investigate a murder case. The bodies found have the heart missing but there’s no sign of a surgery or anything.

Their suspect is a photographer who was present at a previous city where a similar crime happened. In one of the highlights of the episode, Max and Leroy attempt to interrogate him while posing for photos so their cover doesn’t get blown. Their cover, by the way, is that the two of them are here for Max’s bachelor party. We also learn that before his actual wedding, Max went for his bachelor party solo. This kind of explains why he’s so into becoming BFF’s with Leroy. His goofy, adorable personality is a great match for Leroy's logical persona.

Anyway, things take a turn when the photographer is found dead in the resort in the exact same way: his heart just vanished. Meanwhile, Max helps Leroy talk to the police officer investigating the case and leaves them alone at the bar to search the dead photographer’s belongings.

He discovers his research on the succubus. The monster always takes the form of a woman and has distinctive tattoos on the hand. The succubus lures the men and then snatches away their heart. Max remembers where he saw the tattoo’s and to no one’s surprise, it’s the same cop with whom Leroy is about to get it on.

Max interrupts them in the room and calls her out but she has a perfectly good explanation about why she has the tattoos. Leroy obviously believes her and in the beginning, so does Max, but before he leaves he catches her in a lie. She turns and attacks Leroy, ordering him to kill Max. He’s got the man by the throat, ready to push him off the balcony, when Max sings a song to Leroy hoping to bring him back. It’s the same song that reminds Leroy of Tanya. They attack the succubus who falls from the balcony and disappears before she can be caught. Does this mean the succubus will return at some point? Probably.

In the way more intriguing part of the story, which comes towards the end, Max finally gets to meet his wife Claire. Yes, the same wife he thought was abducted by aliens but the BU actually has her in a detention facility. We learn that Max and Claire had some serious issues before she disappeared but they look happy to see each other. He asks her what actually happened to her. Instead of responding, she comes close enough to give him a hug, whispers “don’t look for me” to him, bangs his head on the table and escapes through the window.

I assume this is going to be the central mystery of the show’s first season. Claire is obviously involved in something mystical or sinister because of the way her eyes lit up when she whispered to Max. Plus, the way she ran showed she has the strength and even speed.

At the BU, Captain Lefray puts Annie and Barry in charge of spying on her daughter, Shannon, who outsmarts them all, which leads to Annie’s speech about how her mother only cares for her. Yeah, nothing solid here but like I said, West was fun to watch.

There is still definite potential for the show and it’s just silly enough to make me want to tune in every week. I love the build-up towards Max and Leroy's friendship. Here’s hoping “Ghosted” smoothens out the kinks and balances the pace soon. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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