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The Fosters - Prom - Review + POLL

The summer finale of The Fosters is here and it's really gone by so quick! I've loved reviewing this show for these past two and a half months. Here's to one more review for now and I hope you all enjoyed the season finale!

This week on The Fosters:
The prom at Anchor Beach is cancelled so Mariana decides that they will throw an alternate prom outside of the school which is where most of this episode takes place. Mariana is trying to prove to Logan and his girlfriend that she doesn't like him so she lies and says that she has is dating someone at the prom. Throughout the episode, we get to believe she's dating Wyatt, and Mat and also Emma. It's all very confusing and quite funny to watch, but in the end, Mariana and Mat dance together and I'm not sure but I feel that maybe that spark was rekindled between them.

Jesus is still having hard time but he's at the prom and that's also where he talks to Emma and begs her to give him another chance. He tells her that he wants to be himself again, for him, and for her. He wants to be the man that she deserves. I actually thought that this scene was really sweet because Jesus acknowledge the fact that he hasn't been himself and that he wants to get back to him, and not just for Emma but for him too, which is the most important thing. That he wants to get better for him.

Brandon finds out from Grace's mother that Grace has leukaemia which just broke my heart. I wasn't expecting that at all and cancer in any form is just so heartbreaking. Grace doesn't know that Brandon knows so he just spends the whole episode making sure that Grace has the best prom ever which was so sweet, and beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

At the prom, ICE agents come looking for Ximena which causes Callie and AJ to take Ximena and try to drive away from the agents. Callie calls Jude and asks him about Noah's mum's church because that's the one place that Ximena can get sanctuary right now. The episode ends with Ximena, AJ and Callie all stuck in the church.

It's going to be really interesting to see what happens when The Fosters return because I feel like this immigration storyline has been and continue to be so important and especially in today's society.

Favourite character:
For me, it was Brandon and Callie this episode. Callie because she wanted to everything that she could to help Ximena so she's a close second when it comes to my favourite character this episode but the number one spot has to go to Brandon. I just loved how much he cared about making this night so special for Grace and you could really see how sad and scared he was in the scene when he told Callie about what was going on. Cancer is such a horrible decease and when it happens to young people it's even more heartbreaking but I think this episode just showed again what an amazing guy Brandon actually is. Yes, he does have a lot of flaws but he truly showed how amazing he is in this episode by wanting to make the night really memorable for Grace.

Best/Favourite scene:
Honestly, all the scenes between Grace and Brandon because they just got so much more emotional after we find out how sick Grace is. Brandon finally finds a girl that is so good for him and it just breaks my heart because I've loved seeing them together this season, through the ups and downs so it just makes me really sad to think about how sick Grace is. The last scene in Grace's apartment between them is probably my favourite scene of the episode, and I'm going to be completely honest and say that I did cry during that last scene.

Best quote:
Callie to Brandon: "So what are you going to do?"
Brandon to Callie: "I'm gonna make sure that she has the best prom ever"

What did you think about the episode and this first half of season five of the Fosters? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.