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The Bold Type - Carry the Weight - Review + POLL

On the season (not series) finale of The Bold Type, Jane writes her final article for Scarlet about sexual assault. Jacqueline opens up about her own sexual assault. Jane finally gathers up the courage to tell Jacqueline that she’s leaving. Kat reaches two million twitter followers and decides to go to Adena. Sutton and Alex’ new relationship is discovered and are forced to have a very awkward conversation with HR. They decide to end things because Sutton is not over Richard. 

Going out on a high note: You know, even if this show ends up getting canceled, at least they went out in style. This show has tackled a lot of controversial and important topics, but this week’s was probably one of the most important. Sexual assault has always been an extremely controversial topic, even though it shouldn’t be. In fact, it’s the only crime where there’s not a single motive that justifies it. And yet society loves blaming the victim. I liked that they didn’t tackle the subject the way most shows do. The focus was on what happens after the outrage and support die down when the victim has to pick their life back up. Jane and Kat did their best bring the focus back. These days, however, people have no problem voicing support online because it’s so abstract. Actually showing up in person is an entirely different story. They’ll never be able to take the pain away, but showing you care and just showing up can still make a difference. 

Moment that knocked my socks off: Which brings me to my next point. I think this episode had one of the most powerful moments of the season when Jacqueline took over the weights. It’s been over 20 years yet she still carries this around. She was never able to get justice because pursuing it (with no guarantee of getting it) would have ended her career before it even started. She would’ve lost even more to that man. But she’s never let it define her. She beat him at his own game, became more successful, more respected, … But it’s still there and it always will be. I think it was very brave that she decided to open up about this, knowing exactly how many people were watching. 

Hot mess: It was ironic how Sutton was only just saying how mature she was handling her new relationship with Alex, considering how messy everything got. It’s clear that Richard was the one good at sneaking around because Sutton sucks at it. She and Alex had been together for five seconds and already got caught. I didn’t expect it to be such a big deal to HR, though. Even if Richard hadn’t been in the room (which of course, didn’t help), those questions made me uncomfortable and I wasn’t even being interrogated. I think Sutton did the right thing in the end, though. While I do think she and Alex would be good together, she‘s just not ready. Like I said last week, she should not be getting into a new relationship as long as she’s still hung up on Richard. Alex deserves better. 

Taking the plunge: Kat has changed a lot this season. Her priorities have shifted. When this show first started, a relationship was very low her list. But after falling for Adena, that’s changed. She hit a major milestone this week but didn’t seem to be able to enjoy it as much as I think she would have a few weeks ago. And I think that’s why she decided to go to Adena because she realized that. If we get a second season (and we better) I expect to see a lot more of Adena. 

Tiny no longer: Like Kat, Jane has also changed quite a bit. She’s gotten out of her comfort zone more and has grown as both a person and a writer. She’s grown a lot more confident in herself and her skills. She may have had a few panicky moments this week (who doesn’t, I panicked my way through writing this review) but handled it a lot better than she would have a few weeks ago. I hope she has the chance to grow even more at Insight, so much so that Scarlet begs to have her back. 
Best quotes: Oliver: “Sutton! Already forgot why I was yelling your name.” Sutton: “Your outfit for Proenza Shouler.” Oliver: “Yes, that was it.” Sutton: “It’s on the rack behind you.” Oliver: “The boots? The ocher combat boots?” Sutton: “They just came in. They’re downstairs.” Oliver: “Then why aren’t you on your way to go get them?” Sutton: “Because you just called my name.” Oliver: “That seems valid.” 
Sutton: “How did this get so messy? Don’t answer that.” 

Since I shared what this show means to last week, I figured I’d ask my fellow SpoilerTV members the same.

Luana: This finale completely solidified my admiration for this show. There are not enough words to describe how much The Bold Type surprised me, it was just as entertaining and heartwarming as I thought it would be, but it was also smart, committed, confident in its beliefs, and in only a few episodes made us fall in love with these women and portrayed one of the best friendships (and bosses) on TV. It somehow manages to be groundbreaking and comforting at the same time, and that's exactly what we need, I'm so not okay with the idea that this could be the last we see of these amazing women, it just wouldn't be right with the world. 
And I mean it, there's just something about this shows that take matters into their own hands and seek to change the world, trying to reach as many people as possible with the most important messages, it's not something to take for granted. And it is utterly heartbreaking that some people just don't want to be reached, they don't care enough, or they think caring would take up too much energy, but there are some things energy is worth spending on, and sometimes it doesn't even take up that much to just be aware and, in your own way, try to help it along, or at least to not let our evolution as human beings be pushed back. This is something that's so important to keep in mind right now, it feels like we're at a pivotal point in time, like everything could go to hell or we could hold our ground, and we often don't, either because it's too stressing or because we want to be accommodating to the rest of the world, but when what you're defending are basic rights, it's the world that needs to accommodate to you. 

Marko Pekic: I tuned into The Bold Type cause of my love for the lead actresses but over the course of season 1 it has become so much more. The topics covered by the show in such a strong and empowering way is what truly moved me to my core. The writers treated each topic with major respect and without sugarcoating turning into a must see TV event this summer. I really hope Freeform makes the smart choice and renews this show cause we need more of it. 

Anatonia: The Bold Type is one of the few shows currently on television that I see myself in. I see myself as a young bisexual girl in Kat, I see myself as a confused yet passionate writer in Jane, I see myself as a driven worker in Sutton. The Bold Type reminds me every week that my voice matters, and I know that it does the same for countless young women all over. In this tumultuous world, we need The Bold Type to show us our potential and give us the hope that we can do great things.

That’s it for this season. Do not check in again next week for an all-new review because there won’t be one but do let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.