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I'm Dying Up Here - Lingchi - Review

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In its penultimate episode, I'm Dying Up Here gave us a touching story. It focused a bit more on its characters' frustrations and allowed them to release some pressure.

It all starts with Bill's father committing suicide in his garage. When Bill hears about it, he decides he will not go to the funeral, which Cassie does not understand. She tries to comfort him and help him but, as usual, Bill is being a stubborn jerk. Later on, Bill is given his father's car (the very same vehicle he used to kill himself) and does not seem to really know what to make of that "gift" at first. Towards the end of the episode, he takes Cassie and Nick for a spin and finally lets out all of his anger about his father. In a great scene, Bill starts smashing the car and the others follow his lead, each of them releasing their own anger and frustrations.

Meanwhile, Eddie is upset because the open-mic at the deli is not going well at all. The deli's owner wants him to stop but finally agrees to let him do his thing two nights per week, but Eddie is getting more and more discouraged. He runs into the radio host who stole his joke a couple of episodes ago, and this time he offers Eddie a job. Eddie initially refuses, but Ron makes him change his mind without knowing it. Ron is nervous about his audition and gets into an argument with Eddie about it. Later on in the episode, he finds out he got the part he auditioned for and visits Eddie at the deli to thank him for being the one who always makes the tough decisions. That pushes Eddie to call the radio host back and accept his offer.

But more people are frustrated in "Lingchi," like Adam and Ralph. While Adam is at first happy because Goldie offers him double-time on stage, Ralph is upset because he's not the one getting more spotlight. Both of them confronts Goldie and Adam ends up doubting her intentions towards him once again. But Goldie has other problems. First she sees Nick is struggling (he thinks that he is not funny anymore since he quit drugs), but her main issue is with CBS, who wants to cut back on the stand up on her show and add more sketches instead. Goldie gets in another heated argument with them and, by the end of the episode, she gets fired.

"Lingchi" was a mostly good episode of I'm Dying Up Here. It took a look at the characters' insecurities and fears, and it explored them in a different level that it has so far. The season finale will probably deal with the aftermath of Goldie's situation with Girls Are Funny, Too and how that will impact Cassie. It will probably open some more questions about the future of the characters, but these might never get answered if the show does not come back for season 2.

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