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The Bold Type - The End of the Beginning - Review + POLL

This week on the Bold Type, a rumor about layoffs went around the office. Kat knew her job was safe but had to keep quiet even though she knew that Sutton and Jane were at risk. Sutton had to deal with Cassie, who kept changing her mind and even bailed on a photo shoot. Jane tried to write different articles and even went to an interview at Insight in case she got fired from Scarlett. But after her interview, she got an offer and seemed unsure of what to do. Meanwhile, Kat went out on a date but was reminded of Adena, who she still calls every day. Adena tells Kat things with Coco aren’t going well and that she’s going to return to New York. 

What I would’ve done: Sutton did a great job this week. While her superior fell apart, she picked up the pieces and made sure the photoshoot was still a success. However, later with Jacqueline, Cassie took credit for Sutton’s work. I, too, would not have spoken up in that moment. Cassie is still Sutton’s superior and if she had spoken up and Jacqueline or Oliver didn’t believe her, working together in the future would’ve been extremely uncomfortable. I get what Jacqueline meant but I think it’s been too long since she’s worked as someone’s second. It’s like when a teacher asks you why you didn’t report that someone is bullying you. But I’m glad Jacqueline checked in with the photographer and found out the truth. 

Close to home: Each week I wonder if the writers of The Bold Type somehow know my own personal insecurities. Jane (and everyone else in Scarlet) was faced with something we’ve all come into contact with. There was a real possibility that she may get fired. Scarlett has always been her dream job but faced with the reality of possibly being out of work, she had to make a decision. Whether or not to start looking elsewhere. Because she wants to keep her job, she started writing different kinds of articles, ones that don’t necessarily fit her as well. So when she gets an offer from another magazine, one that offers her the platform to write what she wants to write, she’s faced with a real decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if she decides to take the offer in the finale, even though it might break her heart. 

Things are looking up: Kat was in a tough spot this week having to keep a secret from her best friends. I’m actually glad that Kat mostly managed to keep quiet. In the end, she didn’t really have to since the rumors found their way around the offices. Things did seem to get better with Adena coming back to New York and Kat getting a promotion. But I got the feeling that she’s not entirely happy with her job. She didn’t seem as thrilled about the promotion as I had expected. I think Kat has a lot that she still wants to do in her life, but since she started working so soon, she never really got the chance. And seeing Adena travel the world can’t help either. 

Favorite scene: We’ve seen the girls get up to a lot in past episodes like going topless in public and crawling into a bathtub. I really love those moments because, while they don’t add much to the episode’s story, they do cement the relationship between the 3 of them. Things were no different this week, especially now that they’re living together. I just love how comfortable Kat is with her body. You would not have been able to get me to strip on the doorstep. And you could see that even though they had an argument, they weren’t truly mad at each other. Jane even offered up her room for Kat to storm off in. The next day, they were there, supportive as ever. Can I please have 5 more seasons of just them. 
Best quotes: Kat: “Are you serious? I know we’re best friends. I know we’re best friends because I got us cupcakes from Magnolia bakery and these hats from The Sex And The City bus tour. Because while I was running around the city on my basic-bitch round-up, I was thinking about you guys and freaking out about the fact that you both might get fired. So that’s what I know. My job is safe and yours aren’t. Does it make you feel better to know that? Because it really doesn’t make you feel better to tell you. And I don’t have a room to storm off into.” Jane: “Take mine.” Kat: “Thank you.” 
Jane: “I like Scarlett.” Sutton: “I like having healthcare and access to free beauty stuff.” Jane: “Yeah, which you will continue gifting us if you get canned.” Kat: “Oh yeah, dolphinitely.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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