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Raven's Home - You're Gonna Get It - Review: "No Makeup Necessary"

... Remember when I said last week's episode was my favourite? Perhaps I spoke too soon. This week's taught an incredibly important lesson to young girls growing up in a world where the media places such pressure on appearance and attaining a singular definition of 'beauty'. A twenty year old, the message even resonated with me.

Nia and Tess are putting on Raven's makeup in Nia's room. And it's not just a little bit of makeup.

Tess is hardly recognizable! Raven walks in, and knowing they'll get in trouble for putting on her makeup, the girls try to avoid her seeing them.

Eventually she tricks them and sees their faces, angrily telling the girls to take the makeup off. Nia tries to convince Raven to let her wear makeup, to no avail.

In the boys room, Booker sits down on his bed - and to his surprise, Levi is hiding under the covers.

He says that he doesn't want to go to school because his class is playing dodgeball in P.E. and he always gets out first. Also, people never choose him for their team. Booker tries to console him, saying he'd pick him first for his team... or after some other kids. So maybe not first.

Raven and Chelsea are brushing their teeth in the bathroom, and what we've been wondering for a few episodes is confirmed: Raven DOES work as a dog clothing designer! I'm weirdly very happy about this. After Chels chokes on toothpaste, Nia walks in and compliments her mom's makeup. Raven shuts Nia down before she can ask to put any on herself.

Nia's told that if she's caught wearing makeup, "you gon get it!", and that today Raven will be putting a size twelve beagle into a size six wedding dress. That's like putting lipstick on a pig! Get it! Because this episode's about makeup and we're talking about accessorizing animals? Ha ha!

... No? Okay. Moving on.

Nia gon get it.

At school, Nia is putting the stolen makeup on Tess when the most popular girl in school, Shannon, walks over.

She asks Nia and Tess if they'll sign an eighth grade petition, and Nia explains that they're only in sixth grade. Shannon is surprised given Nia's makeup skills (Tess notes her killer eyeliner job), and tells Nia to meet her in the bathroom to do her makeup. Nia and Tess compare Shannon to Beyoncé, so this has to be a huge deal.

Chelsea shows up at Raven's work, explaining that she wanted to surprise her with lunch but she burned it. Then she forgot her wallet to take them to lunch. So basically, she was hoping Raven would take them to lunch. Look whose made a triumphant return!

Paisley, our dog loving, work avoiding, Valley Girl-esque pal. Paisley says she wishes Chelsea would've brought Booker and Nia over to say hi, and Raven rushes over to quietly tell Chelsea that Paisley thinks those are her dogs, not children. This was done to give her an edge when she applied for the job... against a twenty-something girl just out of design school. Now I really want to know what Raven did between when she finished high school and now. Hmmm.

I only inserted the picture above so we can all take a moment and PAWS to appreciate the fine art that is dog clothing in the top left corner.

When Paisley walks back over, she asks Chelsea to bring the imaginary puppies by - to which Raven says they're sick because they ate some 'bad cat' and she has to leave to take care of them. Paisley encourages her to be with the dogs, and says she'll get another employee named Jessica to finish the gowns Raven was working on.

Jessica's not havin' it.

Back at school, Booker opens his locker door to find Levi hiding inside. He says that he still doesn't want to go to gym class. Booker tells him to take out the biggest kid in the class, and Levi feels reassured and heads in. Then, Booker has a vision.

Booker's a total natural with that vision face! He sees Levi about to be hit by a dodgeball, and panics.

Shannon and Nia walk out of the bathroom, Shannon's makeup done. She invites Nia and Tess to hang out with her friend group after school, and as much as Nia tries to stay cool, she freaks out and says yes. She spots Booker wearing his P.E. clothes, and he declares that he's going to save Levi. Then he sees Nia wearing makeup, and like his mom, says "you gon get it!". I'm starting to wonder if that's the new "OH SNAP!"

Levi is shocked to see Booker, and is sure he'll get kicked out once the coach sees him and realizes he's not a fourth grader. Except, Coach Aronson isn't here today.

It's Coach Spitz. With a "Z". He gets up in Booker's face, questioning that he's big for being in fourth grade, to which he replies that Coach Spitz is big for a substitute. He's impressed by that comment, and asks for Booker's name. Turns out Coach Spitz has a habit of mispronouncing people's names, so Booker is now Booger. He makes him the team captain, and Levi the other team captain (who is now being called Lev-ee).

Booker promises to protect Levi despite being on separate teams, and Booker plays hard. Levi asks again if he's protecting him, and he says yes. Levi doesn't feel very assured.

Raven and Chelsea get home from Raven's work, happy that they lied to Paisley about the 'puppies' being sick so she could have the afternoon off. Before they can get too comfortable, Raven's phone rings, and it's probably not who they were hoping would call:

The relaxing afternoon didn't last long. Paisley wants to drop by with some chicken noodle soup for sick Booker and Nia. She says she'll be over in fifteen minutes - Chelsea telling Raven that she should just be honest with Paisley. Raven laughs, and Chels already KNOWS her idea will be to find two dogs they can pretend are Booker and Nia.

In gym class, Booker is a MONSTER with the ball!

He totally inherited his dance moves from his mama. Booker throws the ball at two more kids, and then behind them, Levi is hiding and yelling not to be hit.

Booker's vision is about to come true, except it's him that almost hits Levi. Coach Spitz walks over and tells him to throw the ball at Levi, but he won't do it because he wants to protect him. We're feeling all of the feels.

In this moment of sappiness, Levi gets the ball and hits Booker, following his earlier advice to take out the biggest kid in class!


Booker smiles, happy for who he refers to as his brother.

After lunch, Nia and Tess talk about how happy they are to have eaten lunch with Shannon and her crew. They find out that the crew's plans after school have been cancelled because their coffee shop of choice is closed, and Tess convinces Nia to come up with a solution. She suggests their rooftop, and the plans are back on. Tess jokingly says that if Raven catches Nia with makeup on, "you gon get it!", and Nia says not to worry.

Maybe she should be a little worried. There are a lot more people at this party than just Shannon and her squad. The girls don't seem too concerned, Tess attributing their popularity to wearing makeup. They then take a selfie with Shannon.

I guess Snapchat exists in the Raven's Home world!

Downstairs, Paisley is visiting the twins. Fraternal twins?

Raven keeps messing up the dogs names, and her and Chelsea try to figure out how to rush Paisley out as they have to get the dogs back to their owners. Well, one of them. Chelsea dognapped the chihuahua. Raven's phone rings and Mr. Farley's dog (the big one) goes crazy - apparently he doesn't like when the phone rings.

In the hallway, Booker and Levi are walking as Levi thanks Booker for helping him. The boys enter the apartment to Mr. Farley's dog pulling Raven all over the place. Raven begins commanding 'Booker', and human Booker follows his mother's orders. Watch the scene - it's amazing.

Chelsea tells the boys that if they hide under the coffee table and don't ask questions, she'll give them cookies. They're sold.

As Paisley is leaving, she volun-tells Raven that she'll be indefinitely dog sitting her dog, which is the reason she visited: to examine the apartment. When she leaves, Raven confesses she believes that the dog sitting is karma for lying to Paisley. Chelsea thinks Raven means Paisley's name is Karma, and sadly says she's been calling her Paisley. No further explanation necessary.

Upstairs, Nia decides to ask Shannon how much longer she wants to party for as Raven will be home soon; not knowing she's downstairs. Her guilty conscience starts getting to her as she sees her mom's face in everything she encounters saying "you gon get it!". This is my personal favourite face:

Cheese pizza with a hint of purple lipstick.

Raven hears the party upstairs while she's returning Mr. Farley's dog, and then her phone rings. The dog goes crazy, pulling her up the stairs.

She didn't say it, but I will. Raven is NOT OKAY!

Shannon explains that Nia invited everyone, and Raven kicks them out. Before Raven can further scold Nia about her makeup, her phone rings and the dog pulls her away.

Later on, Nia is in the bathroom wiping off her makeup. Raven sits down on the edge of the bathtub and the two talk about not having to wear makeup to be mature. Raven tells Nia that she's beautiful how she is, despite outside pressure to look a certain way. Raven joins Nia in wiping off her makeup.

Raven and Chelsea are headed to bed, and Chelsea says things have felt different tonight... a lot more tacos than normal were left over from dinner. They turn off the lights and go to sleep.

Who can blame them? For some warm, soft, gooey cookies, i'd hide under a table for a while. Or overnight.

This episode reminded me of one from That's So Raven - where Raven tries to change who she is to fit in a dress at a fashion show. The woman in charge of the fashion show criticizes Raven because she doesn't have "the look" - the girl who does is tall and super skinny. We need to start teaching kids at a young age that nobody should ever try to tell them to conform to some crazy, distorted standard to be considered beautiful. Makeup or no makeup, every person is beautiful.

Catch Raven's Home Friday Nights on Disney Channel.

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