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Orphan Black - The Series Finale- Roundtable

On March 30, 2013 we met Sarah Manning, and were just as stunned as she was when a woman who looked exactly like her calmly stepped off a platform in front of a speeding train. And with that jolting opening a phenomenon was born. A phenomenon known as Orphan Black. Now, 5 seasons later, after a journey filled with incredible story-telling, a myriad of twists and turns that kept viewers on their toes each week, a wonderful rogue’s gallery of characters, and award-winning performances from the unbelievably talented and committed Tatiana Maslany, we sadly say good-bye to the Leda Seestras.

We posed three questions for SpoilerTV writers about Orphan Black for a final roundtable discussion of this amazing show.

Each writer was asked to answer the following:

1. What scene or plot twist in the series surprised you the most?
2. Which clone changed the most during the series?
3. What are your thoughts/comments on the finale/series as we say goodbye to this amazing show?

What scene or plot twist in the series surprised you the most?

dogreer - I think it was the Rachel reveal. It blew my mind that the bad guys would have a self-aware clone on their side and in a position of perceived power.

milo-mj - I'm going to go with the opening sequence where Sarah meets her body double on the train platform. That was a shocking, exciting moment that opened up a whole world of potential for me and I was hooked from that moment.

jamiecoudeville - This is a difficult one because there are just so many moments. But one of my favorite twists is the reveal that Helena was still alive after Sarah shot her. Sidenote, the funniest twist is totally Donnie accidentally killing Leekie.

laurelwe - I'd say the reveal of the Castor clones was the most surprising for me. While it was obvious that there would probably be a male clone line at some point, Mark being the first Castor we meet was pretty shocking. It's a shame that the Castors pretty much made themselves extinct with a combination of a mysterious disease and sheer stupidity (really Mark, how did you think that was going to end?)

DJRiter - There were so many, from the opening on the train platform on and I thought after 5 seasons nothing would surprise me. However, gentle MK’s brutal death, being stomped to death by Ferdinand somehow got to me more than others.

Which clone changed the most during the series?

dogreer - Probably Helena. She went from psycho clone killer to amazing mother.

milo-mj - Going to second Helena here, here character growth was extraordinary. Really up there with one of the most changed characters on TV that I've seen, whilst still keeping faith to the original concept that made her work so well in the first place.

jamiecoudeville - Helena is definitely the clone that changed the most. She went from psycho killer to mother and sister. I really love how her relationship with the other clones progressed through the show.

laurelwe - I'd say the clone that changed the most was Sarah herself. Part of what made season one so compelling was how adept Sarah was at slipping into her sister's life. Now, she's finally getting a chance to live her own and has a whole family full of people ready to support her in whatever she decides to do. The scene in the finale where everyone is constantly asking Sarah about her test shows how overwhelmed she is by her new responsibility but is also shows that she's found people who are going to hold her accountable and who she can't, for once, con.

DJRiter - I’m also going to have to say Sarah. She grew from being a lost soul of sorts to becoming a woman on a mission to take charge of her life and to protect her new-found sisters and family.

What are your thoughts/comments on the finale/series as we say goodbye to this amazing show?

dogreer Although Orphan Black has an amazing ensemble cast too, I am so thankful that this show brought Tatiana Maslany into my life. I think she is the single most talented woman on television. Thank you, Orphan Black, for an incredibly fun and emotional ride!

milo-mj It's been a truly excellent ride, Orphan Black opened off with an excellent first season and really continued to shine, overcoming its difficulties to get the most out of its talented cast. Tatiana Maslany deserves all the roles after this show finishes and I really loved the character development that everyone went through, from the Seestras to people like Felix and Art. It took a unique approach to the concept of one actress playing multiple people, something that I haven't seen done as well and as much depth since Battlestar Galactica's Cylon models. Finishing on a high note with an emotionally satisfying finale, this show stands up there for me as one of the best sci-fi series I've seen.

jamiecoudeville - This show made such an impact with me. Tatiana was absolutely brilliant. I think this might have been one of the first "darker" shows that I started watching (before that I stuck to teen dramas) and it's really what got me to try a whole new genre of shows. Thank you Orphan Black team for bringing this gem into the world.

laurelwe Orphan Black was always one of the most thoughtful shows on the air and I think it ended on the perfect note. Helena reading her sestras her story shows how far the Ledas have come. They've spent their whole life being someone else's experiment. Now they're finally able to take control of their own story and write the next chapter.

DJRiter Thank you, Orphan Black for giving us five years of brilliant writing, uncompromising storytelling, timely and thought-provoking views on life, quirky yet believable characters and for introducing us to the amazing talent that is Tatiana Maslany.

How would you answer the same questions? Tell us in the comments below.

Writer's Note***- Thank you dogreer, milo-mj, jamiecoudeville, and laurelwe for participating in this roundtable.

Also, sending out a special Get Well shout-out to regular SpoilerTV Orphan Black reviewer Aimee Hicks who could not participate due to illness! Get well soon, Aimee!

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