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This week on The Fosters:
Callie's assignment for her portfolio this week is a self-portrait but she doesn't know how to draw herself so she gets her family to take pictures of her when she doesn't know if and then she'll decide which photo to use. That and her first official date with Aaron is what's going on with Callie in this episode and the date does not end well. Aaron plans the whole date and they go to a fancy restaurant and Callie basically looks miserable the whole night. She later tells Aaron that it was because she doesn't like surprises because she's had enough bad ones in her lifetime already, which I talk more about later. I also have to say that I really like Callie and Aaron together, and I have from the start. I'm so glad that the writers are developing this relationship more.

Jude is mostly helping Mariana with the secret underground school paper that they are creating now that Drew suspended the real school paper, but Noah is also back and they do share a few cute scenes. Noah is still getting high and Jude is obsessed with his video games so they make a deal; Noah will go one week without getting high and Jude will go one week without playing video games, but we see at the end of the episode that Jude is breaking his end of the deal, so it's going to be interesting to see how this will affect their relationship.

Mariana is all over the place in this episode, she's managing the "underground" school paper "Rise up" as well as flirting up a storm with the neighbour kid Logan (Side note, I loved that she googled "Crash course in football" so she could impress him over dinner.) She also gets two of the steam club members to help her get the paper out to the students by using a drone but that ends bad when the drone gets caught in a tree and Drew suspends the steam club. The two guys that helped her gets really upset and tells Mariana that no one wants her on their team which is what provokes Mariana to fake Lena's signature to join the junior roller derby team that Callie's friend Ximena.

Brandon spends most of this episode with Grace, which I don't really mind but it also doesn't really interest me that much. I kind of hope he gets another storyline besides this one because right now, this one doesn't really do anything for me but I do like Grace and I do think she's kind of good for Brandon. Anyways, what happens is that Grace gets upset with Brandon and he like always, doesn't understand why. He later realises it's because Grace doesn't just want to be someone he has sex with, and they both end up opening up to each other through their music which I really liked. After Brandon has a talk about music with Callie, he goes to Grace with his guitar and sings to her, so she replies by singing back. It was quite a cheesy scene but I kind of liked it.

Then we have Jesus who's still struggling with his TBI and the fact that Emma is ignoring him. He doesn't know that she saw one of his outbursts on last weeks episode so he's really confused as to what's going on and he wants to go back to school because he's so bored. At the end of the episode, he also overhears his mum's talking and Lena telling Stef that she's sometimes afraid of Jesus. That scene broke my heart and I don't know how this will affect Jesus going forward.

Lastly, we have Lena and Stef who have their ups and downs in this episode. We find out that Tess is a girl that Stef had a major crush on in high school, which I think is why Lena has trouble with accepting anything that Tess is telling them about Jesus condition and when she gives them some advice about the situation. Elsewhere, Lena and Monte have a minor win in the Anchor Beach Private School-Dilemma because it gets declared that Monty was the rightful principle at the time of the vote so Drew's vote does not count. But we definitely haven't seen the last of this yet, and they stil have a lot to do if they want to save Anchor Beach.

The Adams-Fosters have their new neighbours over for dinner and that's when Tess gives some suggestions on how to deal with Jesus's TBI which gets me to the last scene of the episode which was kind of heartbreaking for me who love Jesus so much. Stef and Lena are talking in the kitchen and trying to figure out what to do, and that's when Lena admits to Stef that she sometimes is actually afraid of Jesus. That just broke my heart because I kind of see where Lena is coming from but it still didn't make the scene any easier to watch, and when the camera switches to Jesus's face, I kind of just lost it because you could truly see the pain in his eyes.

Favourite character:
I actually had trouble deciding on my favourite character this episode because all characters actually made some decisions that I didn't like but if I have to chose someone for this episode, it'll actually be Callie because I feel like she showcased this episode that she'd doing better, and that she's really realised that she's made bad decisions in her life. I especially liked Callie when she told Aaron that she from now on needs to know the plan regarding their dates because she's had to many bad surprises in her life, and I kind of completely understand Callie's perspective here and I admire her for telling Aaron that.

Best/Favourite scene:
The family dinner in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. I just love the whole dynamic between the family and it's always nice when you get the whole Adams-Fosters family in one room, because I feel like that doesn't happen very often. My favourite bit from this scene was when Jude came up with the idea for everybody to do his history paper and then he said that he could choose which one would give him the best grade, that made me laugh so much when I first watched the episode.

I also really liked the last scene with Callie and Brandon in this episode. I've missed their friendship and I feel like the show has finally managed to get Callie and Brandon in a nice place where they get to confide in each other and just give each other advice like any friends and/or siblings would.

Best quotes:
Jude to his whole family: "I have an idea too. What if everybody writes my history paper, and then I pick which one will get me the best grade."

Callie to Brandon: "Don't give up on music, just because you're mad at yourself."

What did you think about the episode? How do you think Jesus will take in what Lena said? And what do you think about Mariana's decision to fake her mum's signature? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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