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The Bold Type - If You Can't Do It With Feeling - Review + POLL

This week on The Bold Type, Sutton is still in the running for the job in the fashion department but lands in hot water when Olivier confuses her for someone with a fashion background and she doesn’t correct him. He ends up looking past this when he sees her mood board and offers her the job. Jane is invited to be on a panel where she ended up feeling like she didn’t belong. Her colleagues disagreed. She and Ryan also took their relationship to the next level (and took down some lamps while they were at it). Kat gets arrested for defending Adena to some Islamophobic jerk and Adena runs out of fear of being deported. Kat finally admits her feelings and they kiss. 

Feels familiar: I think we’ve all been in a situation before where we felt like the dumbest person in the room. I know I have every Christmas when I’m reminded of how smart my cousins are while I barely made it through college. Jane was in a similar situation this week. She was invited to be on a panel which was a huge honor but during the panel, she found herself wondering why she was there. Even I started wondering that when the interviewer started going over everyone’s achievements. But I again liked how supportive her co-workers were. While not getting to speak a whole lot would be a failure for some companies, both Jacqueline and her other colleagues know that she’s just starting out. Not only is this new territory for Jane but for Scarlet as well. Both Jane and the magazine are starting out in this area and if, given the opportunity, I think this could only be the beginning for Jane. 

No good option: What do you do when someone assumes something that isn’t true but correcting them will work against you? I would not have wanted to be in Sutton’s situation this week. There really is no good option. Either she corrected him immediately and he would’ve taken her out of the running or she goes with it for as long as it lasts and hopes that by the time he finds out, he won’t care. Unfortunately for her, Olivier found out sooner rather than later. But she did handle the situation a lot better than I would’ve. For one, when he confronted her she didn’t deny it or make any excuses. She took full responsibility. Despite her friends’ encouragements, she’s the one who decided to lie. But despite being found out, she didn’t just quit. Instead, she decided that if she was going to go out, it would be with everything she had. I really admire her for this. Sutton has really been growing on me these past few weeks and I can’t wait to see her grow more on the show. 

Favorite relationship: Kat and Adena’s relationship is one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a while. They have entirely different backgrounds and yet are also very similar. They’re both bold and fight for what they want but also let fear get the better of them sometimes. When it comes to her job, Kat is really confident but in her personal life less so. She spent the past few episodes trying to figure out if Adena felt the same way about her and in the end, it was Adena that made the first move. Her mind immediately went to a negative place after Adena left her when Kat was arrested rather than logically think about what an arrest could’ve meant for her. Adena, on the other hand, is confident in both work and her romantic life, however, she has a lot to be afraid of as a Muslim, gay woman. She immediately bolted when Kat was arrested, understandably since it could’ve gotten her deported, but she never really stopped to think what it could mean for Kat, a black woman, to get arrested. While the show didn’t go there, my mind certainly did. Their different backgrounds might be a problem later in the relationship, but for now, I hope Kat and Adena get to enjoy being happy together. 
Funniest moment: This show has made me laugh quite a few times but never as much as during the penultimate scene. I really hope we get to see more of Sutton and Jane being roommates because I feel like a lot of crazy stuff happens in that apartment. But seeing Sutton hold on to the furniture as Jane and Ryan made their way into the apartment cracked me up so much. 

Best quotes: Kat: “Wait, how did it happen?” Jane: “I don’t know, I just got out of my head. And, oh, he said: “Tell me what you want.”” Sutton: “Is he Batman?” 
Kat: “How is he going to find out?” Jane: “He could ask to see her diploma.” Kat: “Seriously? I never even picked up my diploma. For all I know, I didn’t graduate. Oh god, what if I never graduated college?” Jane: “That’s probably why you have that recurring anxiety dream.” Kat: “Yeah, when I’m the last one on campus, I’m two credits short and …” Sutton: “Oh my god, can we please not analyze Kat’s dreams right now?” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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