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The Middle - The Final Final - Review

It's finals week for Axl and Sue this week on The Middle, but they aren't very happy about the last week of college. Axl still has one more final to take and can't party with his friends or Lexie. Sue is disappointed that she didn't meet very many of her goals. She thinks that this year has just been okay: she broke up with two guys, and she didn't join any new clubs. Her sophomore year should be called "Sue Sue's So So Sophomore Slump."

Everyone is surprised that Axl is taking this final so seriously since he never studies, but he needs to do well on this final to graduate. Unfortunately for him he mixes up the time and misses the final. He begs his professor to let him take it, but the professor isn't very sympathetic and won't let him retake it. I loved the ridiculous story that Axl made up about his dad being an astronaut, and Hutch made it even better when he ran in asking Axl about his astronaut father. I've grown to love Axl and Hutch's friendship, and I hope that The Middle keeps Hutch around next season.

Axl goes to his professor's house and begs him to let him take the test. The professor refuses and slams the door in Axl's face. Axl is determined to take this final so he decides to stay on the lawn until the professor comes back out. He screams and begs, and he even starts reciting everything he learned for the final. I have to admire Axl's determination. He didn't leave even when it was dark and storming. Finally the professor gives in, and Axl does well on the test: he got an 86. He's graduating!

Sue decides to accept an offer to go back to her high school and talk to the students. She is very excited at first, but things don't go as planned. The students she talks to are much cooler than she was. They have more Instagram followers and go to parties, which she didn't do until college. Then they tell her that no one walks down west hall unless they are a nerd. Then it hits her: she was a nerd.

She's pretty upset, but Brad decides to cheer her up by singing a song about Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, who were also nerds. The song is about not worrying about labels and they name drop other celebrities who were nerds. I thought this song was pretty silly, but it was fun. I'm glad it was short and the whole episode wasn't a musical. I did like the end when Axl ran outside celebrating. It was funny that no one was left for him to party with.

While Sue and Axl were trying to finish the school year, Mike, Frankie, and Brick are enjoying their new good luck. They have new channels on their TV including NBA League Pass, the microwave works, and Cindy stopped growing. Frankie thinks this good luck is because the Donahue's house number is outside their house, and the universe has them confused. The good luck continues with a refund from the IRS and they get eight free pizzas. Frankie and Mike are so excited. Unfortunately the luck runs out when the boys who messed up the street address come to fix it. Frankie and Mike are disappointed that they have to return to their regular life now.

I thought this was a cute episode, and I thought it was fun to see Frankie and Mike have good luck for a change. I'm very excited to see what happens on the season finale of The Middle which airs tonight. I feel like this season has flown by!

What did you think of The Final Final? Did you like the song? What would like to see happen for the season finale? Leave a comment, and let me know!

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