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Still Star-Crossed - In Fair Verona - Advanced Preview: Fairytale Gone Bad

Shondaland, a period drama, and an epic love tale, three key ingredients for a perfect show, at least it would seem like that. Shondaland's newest outing follows the aftermath of Romeo and Juliet's death and took all the good and the bad and mixed it up it a possibly highly addictive guilty pleasure. Still, I'm not yet sure if you'll feel guilt or pleasure after watching this.

In fair Verona felt overexplanatory for most of the time but had some stellar moments that may lead you to fall in love with it and despise it at the same time. The shows biggest strength lies in its lead Rosaline played by Lashana Lynch.

Lashana is truly convicing in her role of Rosline, and while Rosaline's brash attitude can be a turn off she still hits the feels every time it was necessary. Her interactions with Zuleikha Robinson's Giuiana are fabulous and make this still a worthy show to check out.
It was interesting to see Zuleikha take on this antagonistic role and give Giuliana a special spice. There are some moments were Zuleikha and Grant Bowler overact but all in favor of the show's attempt to raise above and create some dramatic moments to drive in the viewers.

The first half of the episode follows mostly the second half of book and introduces the truly sweet and innocent love between Juliet and her husband Romeo. Lucien Laviscount and Clara Rugaard were perfectly cast as Romeo and Juliet and their interactions were filled with chemistry and pure feels. Sadly we won't get to see more of them. The second half of the episode featured the first steps of the aftermath and it all started with a war covering the streets of Verona. There were some questionable directional choiced but the show did do a great job with the costumes and bringing the streets of Verona to life and giving it a fairytale alike vibe.

The episode's biggest flaw are the male leads though. Wade Briggs and Sterling Sulieman didn't really bring it, their performances were underwhelming and I also expected more from Grant Bowler and especially Anthony Head. Reign alumni Torrance Combs doesn't get much to do in the pilot but I see some potential in his arc, depending on decisions made in future episodes.

A very pleasent surprise on the other hand was Ebonee Noel's Livia, Rosline's sister who has drive and carries her scenes very well brining out the best in a very simplified character and story. Also very glad to see The Catch actress Medalion Rahmi as Princess Isabelle's who seems to be pushing an agenda on her own.

I hope you've enjoyed the read and will check out the premiere on ABC, Monday 10/9 central after The Bachlorette.