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Pretty Little Liars - In the Eye Abides the Heart - Review: "A Liar On Team A.D."

Directed by Troian Bellisario
Written by Joseph Dougherty
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington



I don't know about you guys, but along with the episode before, I simply loved this one too. There is so much to love in 'In the Eye Abides the Heart', directed by our very own Spencer (Troian Bellisario). Alas, there wasn't really any answers to any burning questions in this episode (there are now more), but I simply don't care due to the sheer entertainment factor this episode brings. There is some development too, and some extremely importantly interesting things that set things up for the final 5 episodes too. The drama stakes are pretty high and there are several key moments in this episode that I want to highlight, so it gives me great joy to be able to write another glowing review of 7B of Pretty Little Liars.


I gave the award for Prettiest Little Liar to Spencer this episode for several reasons. For one, the actress orchestrated everything in a directorial role, and I must say she did a fantastic job! As a character, you can see the literal breaking down of security in her relationship with Furey from their very first scene. When he tried to trip her up, you can see on her face that he is on to her: 'I didn't know he was dead when I asked you.' Very clever Spencer, because I would have been tripped up by this. I was hoping for that Spencer / Mary Drake confrontation, and I genuinely thought I was going to get it in this episode, but alas, Furey ruined it. I will forgive him, because it led to an intense, turning point of a scene. I was wondering when using Archer Dunhill's card by accident (and flat-out telling Furey that she buried a body) would come back to bite her on the ass. But as Furey spoke, and the flashbacks played, and Spencer stood there speechless with that striking fear in her eyes - it became one of the best scenes of the episode. Acted, directed - it was so well done. It was intense!

Something that snuck into this episode that came out of nowhere was Wren's return. It was so lowkey and it was acted like it wasn't a big deal, but after seeing the episode and hitting the message boards, it started to make a bit more sense. Was that really Spencer at the airport with Wren? People are saying it could be her twin, and for a while I thought the same. But if you pay attention to Spencer's nails throughout the episode, they're painted the same colour - even during the airport scene. I think if Spencer had a twin and it was her at the airport, would she really be wearing the exact same nail varnish? I mean, it could be an oversight, but I dunno. But this scene was just so odd and out of the blue that something fishy does seem to be going on. Other than that, I liked seeing Wren again (who has always been a suspect in my eyes) and it seems like Ezra is a little rattled by this encounter! Do they know each other (even though the actors have never shared any screen time together in the past)? It's a little subtle, but I like the undertones of this scene. Really has me thinking.


I do love this whole Aria on Team A.D. storyline, but I couldn't take that FaceTime stuff that seriously. I mean, sinister words were spoken but seeing Aria's face a little weird with a distorted voice - it was a bit funny to me. Other than that, thoroughly enjoyed every scene with Aria this week. It was hard to see our Aria betray our girls by feeding A.D. intel and stealing the comic book, but what a great way to stir the pot, writers. Accepting the hoodie out of the locker was a big step. One great thing about this whole betrayal is that it's given Aria some much-needed balls. I'm sick of Ezra running out on Aria when Nicole (or her parents) order him around. I lived for the scene when Aria tells him exactly how she feels about it. It was about time! She's been holding this in for so long and I haven't liked the way he's been lately. I was really hating on Ezra for a while when he still decided to leave, but fortunately he did the right thing and went back to Aria. However, was it because he really wanted to, or because of what he saw at the airport? Questions, questions.

Hanna spent the episode terrified about her turn of the game starting, and even before she can have another turn, it already seems her life is falling apart. I am hesitant to give Lucas any suspect credit, as he could be totally innocent, but recent revelations do put him in a bad light. What is him selling Hanna's factory space about? It appears that he's ditching her, which I hope isn't true, because I like their friendship. What was even better, though, is how Hanna has involved Mona in the big events. It was about time she was let in on the game. We are coming to the end of the show so Mona needs to be in this more - she's been one of the best characters in this show and just having her as a sideline to Hanna's designing storyline (which isn't all that interesting in all honesty) has been a disservice to Mona's character. Now she's been let in on it, she may be involved more. I loved that she still feels something from those addictive days of ruining people's lives, which is both scary and interesting, so it will be good to see where this takes her. Will she help? I have faith she will.

'Well imagine how you'd feel when you beat it.' - Hanna


Not the biggest Paige advocate here, but she really shone in her final episode. I have really grown to like her again, and she acted like the voice of reason. Emily, forever hopeful, redundantly so, wanted her to stay and make it work - but how awkward would that have been? Emily tries so hard not to hurt anybody (though she still manages to on plenty of occasions), but this time, the outcome is unavoidable. Paige had to go. This whole baby situation is such a mess for them, and it's so outrageous, really, to think of how violated they must feel, and now they have a baby coming! I felt so much sympathy for Paige in this episode too, who in the last episode decided to stay. What whiplash she must feel from this, and the scene in the Radley when they kiss, it did break my heart. I am 100% Emison, but I could feel for Paige.

'This is the third time I've said goodbye to you. I'm never saying it again.' - Paige

What a beautiful scene between Alison and Paige too. At first, when Paige woke her up in the middle of the night in Alison's home, red flags went off. My first thought was 'creepy f*cking bitch', but then I had to see how wrong I was from expecting Paige to try and kill Alison and the baby to keep Emily to herself. Shows how dark and twisted my mind can go. Anyway, the raw and honest conversation between Paige and Alison was my top pick from the episode for best moment. It genuinely moved me, to see these two characters who have always been at odds, come together over their mutual love for Emily. Paige really did what was best for everyone, and getting Alison to be honest about her feelings was a groundbreaking moment. I loved the entirety of Alison's speech about Emily (see: Best Line), and yet again, the capabilities of the actresses in this show are highlighted. We need more critical recognition for Sasha and the other cast members. Bravo!


I genuinely believe that Pretty Little Liars is going from strength to strength. While I would have loved for the game to have been played and for that Mary Drake and Spencer confrontation, what we got instead was enough to keep my interest and excitement at a high level. Some truly outstanding scenes that I think are highlights of the final season in general, and I can feel an intense build-up to the finale. Every single Liar had something to work with in this episode and I am still on the fence about the whole Spencer twin at the airport theory. I need more clarification on that. Regardless, the Troian Bellisario-directed episode was a triumph in my eyes, and the show is definitely not slowing down in its final home run.


Prettiest Little Liar: Spencer (and great job directing Troian).

Boyfriend Material: Slim pickings in this episode for males, only option really is Ezra, who wouldn't have won this until he returned to Aria.

Biggest Asshole: Detective Furey (for trying to catch Spencer out - she's smarter than that!)

Most Sympathetic Character: Paige (I'm just gonna put it out there)

Favourite Episode Pairing: Hanna and Mona (always)

Best Line: Alison: 'I know how I feel when she looks at me. I've never felt that with anyone before. It's like she sees who you really are. Maybe that's the scariest part. You look at her, you look at her eyes, and you want to be worth the effort. You want to be the person she sees.'

Funniest Line: Hanna: 'Do you two want to be left alone?'

Best Moment: Paige talks with Alison about Emily and asks her to be honest, leading to Alison's little speech about Emily (see: Best Line)
Runner-up: I also really enjoyed Spencer and Furey in the Lost Woods cabin when he recalls the time she accidentally used Archer's credit card. My heart!

Saddest Moment: Paige leaving. As much as I'm glad, I can see how heartbroken she was. Poor girl.

Creepiest Moment: The end! That laugh was maniacal.
Runner-up: Paige leaning over Alison waking her up. I thought that scene was going to go in a totally different direction.

Shadiest Moment: Aria stealing the comic and taking the hoodie.

Funniest Moment: Mona with the board game - she really loves it (and so do I).

Damned Disappointment: Really wanted a Mary Drake confrontation!

Biggest Question Mark Award: Was that really Spencer at the airport with Wren?

Biggest ReveAl: Wren is back.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and make sure you tune into the next episode, airing May 30 on Freeform!

About the Author - Gavin Hetherington
SpoilerTV Senior Staff Writer and award-winning author of the 'Abyssal Sanctuary' series. Gavin joined SpoilerTV in August 2014 and, as of 2016-17, reviews Pretty Little Liars and Salem. Previously, he reviewed 2 Broke Girls, Devious Maids, Mistresses and Sleepy Hollow. Gavin also writes special anniversary articles, most recently for Charmed and Desperate Housewives. You can contact him at
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