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Pretty Little Liars - The Glove That Rocks the Cradle - Review: "Emison Finally Happened!"

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Directed by Paula Hunziker
Written by Maya Goldsmith
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington



A lot happened in this episode - some to really get the fans excited - though to me, not as much happened (in my opinion) than the last couple of episodes, for some reason. It was probably the same amount of content, but it didn't thrill me as much as what came before. But that doesn't make this a bad episode in the slightest, and a few scenes really stood out. Let me start - Spencer. The last episode left me reeling, knowing the mistakes she's made that will probably get her caught. I really anticipated a big fallout in this episode, and we did kind of get one, though with Detective Furey being a cop that plays by the rules, it was a little tamer than I expected. I love conflict between these two - to see these two past lovers fighting. It's painful but it's damn good viewing. Does Marco feel anything for Spencer anymore? But I can't really blame him, because he is doing his job. But as soon as he said 'I guess you didn't know me as well as you thought' when Spencer begged him to stop being a cop for a minute, I was like:

Yes I look like Beyoncé when I gasp.

The entire scene of Spencer crying in front of Marco, I was convinced she was going to tell him all in the hopes that she would be appealing to his humanity. Spencer is smart, so I didn't expect her to do anything incriminating (not like the blatant burying the body joke when she first met him). It was a good move for her to steal the drive and act like it would be weird for her to be in his apartment at a late hour, as it would reflect badly on him. She's still making good moves.

Aria has been very naughty in this episode. I was glad, though, that they amped up her A.D.-deed-doing since I wanted her to do something outrageous. Trashing Emily's and Alison's new nursery was rather upsetting and I have no idea how she could talk her way out of that one when it comes out (and it most likely will) that she did it. Avataria still makes me chuckle a little, but it was barely seen in this episode so that's okay. I can't help but think this charade is going to be over super quickly - she's already breaking down over it and being reckless by leaving an earring on the floor. It's almost like she wants to be caught. My heart does go out for her, especially when we see her at the end crying. Poor girl. I enjoy her storyline but I do hope we have one more shady thing for her to do before the truth comes out. The damage could be catastrophic when the others learn about what she's done, so we need ample time to correct that before we sign off in 4 episodes time. As a P.S., it was sweet of Ezra to ensure Aria was mentioned and credited during the book tour. He may not be winning me over this season, but that was a brownie point move.

I knew Lucas wouldn't be a bad guy - but I am disappointed in him for backtracking on his alibi for Hanna. Snake-like, very snake-like. But I could really feel for Hanna and her hopeful optimism that he wouldn't be the kind of guy her friends were painting him to be. Sure, he's gone down a little in my estimation for the police tape, but he was saved from winning my Biggest Asshole award when he told Hanna that he believed in her so much, he was her only investor - and he ended up losing all of his money because of it. If that isn't believing in someone for their talent, I don't know what is, and Hanna could always do with that boost of confidence. As shady as Lucas can be sometimes, I do really like him and his friendship with Hanna. It was just so adorable when Hanna asks 'What's worth losing everything?' And he responds with 'you.' Just pull my affectionate heart out of my chest why don't you!

I get emotional at the smallest things now.

I liked Caleb's way of helping Spencer by destroying all the receipts, and to see Hanna feel some kind of guilt for Spencer and feeling the need to repay her by helping her out - it was deep. There have been unresolved issues I feel from the whole Spaleb debacle, and while this wasn't addressed head on, we do get a semblance of being able to move on.

But you can guess what the main takeaway from the episode was, though, can't you? Yes, it happened. It finally happened. What I loved most about the episode before, which was Paige's scene with Alison and her subsequent departure, came forward more in this episode with Alison fully succumbing to her feelings. It was rocky, at first, since Emily did seem to be a little intense, but the sweet reveal of the nursery really helped this couple move forward. I could not tell you how much I was screaming when we got to their scene - the Emison scene. We have heard those three little words time and time again on the show (and in other shows), but they're not three words Alison has every muttered to Emily - I love you. Three simple, little words, and yet it got me right in the feels. It might help that I know this endgame, so there's nothing that will happen in these final 4 episodes that are going to tear them apart - and play that will they, won't they game any longer. This is it. That's what makes this so satisfying and beautiful to watch. I LIVE FOR IT!


I feel like this episode was a little bit of step-down from the episode before. Having said that, there was still a lot to enjoy here. Can I stress enough that Emison happened? Finally. 7 years and it's happened. This makes me feel near enough the same level of satisfaction as several plot points in season 6 of Game of Thrones (which I will not spoil if anyone hasn't seen it). I like that things are still moving in one direction - towards the end - so there isn't really any room for them to stray off course and be irrelevant. It all feels relevant - which is fantastic. The show has kept this consistent quality in 7B and it's promising for the final four episodes. Last night's episode was a good one, but lacked a little when it comes to delivering big punches. Bring on more Avataria and Emison and Mona being part of the gang again. That is what I'm excited for.


Prettiest Little Liar: Hanna Marin.

Boyfriend Material: Caleb, for being such a big help.

Biggest Asshole: Only person is Furey. Was going to be Lucas but he turned things around in the end.

Most Sympathetic Character: Aria. I'm really feeling for her - she's digging such a hole for herself.

Favourite Episode Pairing: Alison and Emily.

Best Line: Alison: 'I love you'.

Funniest Line: Hanna: 'I'm the one who turned Dunhill into roadkill'.

Best Moment: Alison finally admitting her love for Emily.

Saddest Moment: Lucas admitting to Hanna nobody but he took a chance on her. Aww.

Creepiest Moment: Aria trashing the nursery. Was she... enjoying it?

Shadiest Moment: Aria in the hoodie - total dark side.

Funniest Moment: None.

Damned Disappointment: There wasn't more of Avataria - it cracks me up.

Biggest Question Mark Award: How long will Aria keep up her A.D. game?

Biggest ReveAl: Lucas went back on his alibi that helped Hanna after Charlotte died.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and make sure you tune into the next episode, airing June 6 on Freeform!

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