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The Leftovers - The Book Of Kevin - Advanced Preview

At the end of Season Two of The Leftovers on HBO, we witness Kevin's resurrection and, basically, fulfilling part of his journey to what he is destined to become. The town of Jarden, Texas is in chaos due to the actions of the Guilty Remnant, now being led by Meg. Not only did Kevin come back from the dead (remember, he drank poison and went to wherever the non-living were; read: hotel), but he was also shot in the chest at point-blank range by John. After being shot he walked through the chaotic town of Jarden and ended up at home where his entire family stood waiting. It's safe to say that Kevin cannot die.

Season Three picks up approximately three years later (the number three plays an important role in this season). You would think with the Sudden Departure so far in the review mirror, 7 years to be exact, that the planet would have moved on somewhat. However, with the number seven featuring so prominently in the Bible, then the 7 year anniversary of the SD should coincide with another civilization changing event.

This is where the eight episodes of Season Three of The Leftovers plan to take its fans - What will happen on the seventh anniversary of the October 14th Sudden Departure. I was fortunate enough to watch the first seven episodes and The Leftovers is not without the emotional rollercoaster we loved so much about the first two seasons.

The first episode features Kevin prominently as suggested by the title, "The Book Of Kevin". Clearly, there are religious undertones along with an atmosphere of impending doom with Kevin figuring centrally to all of it. All of our favorite characters are back and I believe everyone will be very happy with the premiere airing Sunday night on HBO. You will not be disappointed.

I don't want to reveal too much and potentially spoil the episode, but if you have any questions about the Season Three Premiere you may ask me in the comments section and I will do my best to answer without giving too much away.

Things To Notice

- As always, Max Richter's score of the episode is hauntingly amazing.

- The music definitely takes the hour from great to incredible.

- "The Book Of Kevin" title suggests that Kevin has a religious destiny. It would make sense that he go through a set of trials. We know he has been 'resurrected', but are there any other similarities to Jesus or other biblical figures you notice?

Please check back after the episode for my Review of the Season Three Premiere of The Leftovers. I hope you all have a great weekend.