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American Crime - Season 3: Episode 6 - Advance Preview

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American Crime “Episode Six” was written by Steve Harper and was directed by Ramsey Nickell. Harper is primarily known as an actor but has also written for Covert Affairs. While this is Nickell’s first directing credit, he has been director of photography on the show for all of seasons one and three. Lies and difficult choices abound in this episode.

Something Gabrielle (Mickaelle X Bizet) does touches Clair (Lili Taylor). Nick (Timothy Hutton) is a complete jerk while he and Clair are out with friends. But Clair gets her own back in a pretty creative way. Clair makes a decision that has a negative impact on Gabrielle. Nick continues to have difficult options at work. Clair proves that she can be cruel. Gabrielle takes action.

Shae (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) is really good at her new job and takes it in unexpected directions. However, the “job” isn’t as great as she was lead to believe, presenting her with more choices.

Abby (Sandra Oh) puts Kimara (Regina King) in a difficult position. Kimara’s moral standards are clearly quite different but their goals may be exactly the same. Abby’s word-spin doesn’t get by Kimara.

Jeanette (Felicity Huffman) discovers that changing her life may not be as easy as she thought it would be. Raelyn (Janel Moloney) isn’t quite as supportive as Jeanette thought she would be. But Jeanette has no idea about Raelyn’s life or reality in general.

The episode ends with a shot that appeared in the first episode – another body in the river…

        And here are some dialogue teasers - in no particular order - and of course, no hints as to the speaker!

Things are hard because some people are stupid.
I write them to God.
That’s what we’re doing. Talking.
You’ve got to start taking care of yourself.
They can get by on their own.
You’re a hell of a businessman.
She’s got nobody but her pimp in jail.
Did he do something to you?
You cannot make Clair nervous.
I’ve got the girls. I can’t afford to be overwhelmed.
It’s abusive and I get sick of it.
Help your girl have a good time.
I just transition people there. They do all the work.
The one thing a man is supposed to be able to do. You couldn’t do it.
That is 40 women trying to get out of abusive relationships that we had to turn away.

        There are a lot of questions asked in this episode and with only two more episodes remaining in the series, it's going to be fast paced from here! Be sure to catch this episode on Sunday, April 16 at 10/9c on ABC!

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