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Shades of Blue - Unpaid Debts - Review: Nothing To Live For

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"That's some bad luck."

Unpaid Debts

This time we get closer to the truth behind Stahl's intentions, but let's start from the beginning. Wallace, Tufo's brother, runs and errand for a guy he met on the inside and this gets him beat up, so he ends up in the hospital. Tufo is no longer part of the unit so he asks for Espada's help but, he agrees and is on his way over to help with his arsenal, but he gets arrested by Stahl's men.

Tufo then goes to Loman, and Woz tells Tess and Harlee to arrest the dealer who beat Wallace up so Tufo doesn't kill him, but when they get there, Tufo and Loman are already in a gun's hot situation, so Harlee puts her negotiation skills in play and offers to give them the car that has been impounded by the police. And so, a new heist begins, during the heist Loman seems to be struggling with it and Woz tells him he's been dirty since he killed n unarmed man. Not being able to stand his moral ground doesn't sit well with Woz and this will come to bite Matt in the ass.

At the same time Stahl is rushing Woz to give him something on Julia before the next morning or he says the arrest will be out f his hands, and cops don't do so well in jail. So Harlee and Woz try to come up with a plan to have something on Stahl, they talk to Stahl's ex wife, Harlee pretends she's the prostitute and says he's obsessed with her and he will kill her, so the woman opens up and tells her Stahl and his partner's wife were having an affair. To hear her side of the story they try to contact the wife but she's in protective custody, so they try to find her through Molly Chen, but she doesn't seem to want to reappear in Stahl's radar.

Thinking they have no other way out Woz decides to try to record Julia, he even asks Harlee how she was able to do it, she says she thought about everything she had to live for and he says that's not much for him right now, he tries but he can't do it and he walks in front of a bus. The bus driver manages to stop but this attitude from Wozniak could be way too dangerous.

It turns out Molly does come though, so Harlee confronts Stahl with a recording of the wife saying she and Robert were having an affair and she was going to break it off when he came back but he was kept undercover for longer and ended up dead. So Harlee tells Stahl that he wanted to blame Julia when in fact it was he who kept him undercover just so he could still be with his wife and he was trying to find an excuse to clean his conscience. She tells him to release Espada immediately or she will give someone the tape which indicated criminal negligence. Still, no matter how disgusting Stahl is, this doesn't excuse Julia in the least for sharing the information with the mob, but this is still a win for the team, for now.

Nate was roaming around the precinct all day trying to write a heroic article about the woman who saved Julia and her team, this leads to some funny moments, specially the story of how Woz recruited Tess, but this also means he's around when Loman comes back angry at Wozniak and his place on the team.

Nate: I'm Nate Wozniak, Matt's son.
Loman: That's some bad luck.

Still on a rage Loman proceeds to tell Nate every wrong thing he knows about his father, on tape, including the heist and some buried bodies. At first Nate thinks it's a joke, but Loman continues and even tells him about Donnie, which seems to truly wreck him. Tess watches from a far with suspicion, so I guess Loman is in a hell of a lot of trouble.

It's amazing how this show doesn't seem to want to take a breath, there has been no quiet episode yet, I believe this has been the slowest of the season, and it still was pretty intense. I can't wait to see what's next.

What did you guys think of this episode? What do you think Nate will do? What do you think will happen to Loman? What do you think Stahl will do now? You can comment below.

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