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Rosewood - Calliphoridae & Country Roads - Review: “Whatever it Takes”

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Rosewood - Calliphoridae & Country Roads - Review: “Whatever it Takes”

2.20 - “Calliphoridae & Country Roads”
Directed by David Crabtree
Written by Melissa Scrivner-Love & D. Harrington Miller
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

“Calliphoridae & Country Roads” opens with a quick recap focusing on Rosie’s surgery and Slade’s complications. I’m so worried about Slade! Eek! Hopefully we get an update ASAP!

Interesting! We are not in Miami, folks! We have been whisked away to a small town, where a man leaves town hall and drives to a farm on his tractor. Uh oh! Looks like something went wrong! The man is under his tractor and things don’t look good!

We cut back to the hospital. Hornstock and Villa are visiting Slade. He’s still in the hospital. Rosie looks like he’s in good form! He stops by with oatmeal and a smile. According to Villa, he is pushing his new kidney to the limit and he’s giving all of the hospital staff advice on Slade.

TMI gets a text message while she’s in the hospital. She’s upset. One of her friends, Orson Delmar, the Mayor of Marshwood, a small town she used to summer is dead. His death is suspicious. The Sherrif, Amy Potts, reached out to TMI to help with the investigation because they don’t have the same resources as they do in Miami.

Villa shows up to the lab. She has taken vacation days to look after Rosie and to take him to Marshwood. Rosewood asks if the real reason she’s taking a vacation is because she wants to get away from her brother. TMI chimes in and says she’s going with them to Marshwood, because it’s different from Miami.

Rosie stops by the hospital before he leaves and makes Hornstock promise to keep him updated on Slade’s condition.

Oh my gosh! TMI, Rosie, and Villa are in Marshwood and the town is totally adorable! The Sheriff even brings a banana cream pie to the crime scene, because that’s how the people of Marshwood welcome old and new friends.

Sheriff Potts assures them that Orson was always careful and that a mistake on his tractor leading to his death was unlikely. She also tells them that she hasn’t touched the crime scene yet. She was waiting for them to come.

Rosie tells the team that Orson was dead before his tractor fell over on top of him. Rosie says that there is a good chance that Orson was murdered.

Mitchie has an update from the lab. He and Pippy think that Orson was poisoned. Mitchie is making a “maggot milkshake” to figure out what type of poison was used.

The team is at Orson’s house. They are looking through all of his belongings. He has saved some of TMI’s belongings, which Villa thinks is strange.

Rosie excuses himself to call Hornstock. He calls him out for not being at the hospital and for eating fattening food from the vending machine. Rosie has a weird health scare. He needs to slow down and take care of himself!

Villa brings Rosie to City Hall to look through Orson’s belongings. He tries to make Villa admit that she’s avoiding Marcos. She refuses to talk about it. Over at City Hall, Villa and Rosie are given another pie and the minutes from the City Hall meetings. Because that’s what people in small towns do.

Villa finds condoms, performance enhancers, and other suspicious supplies in Orson’s desk. Very strange!

TMI and Sheriff Potts catch up on the porch of Orson’s house. Potts shows TMI love letters she found in Orson’s trash can. It looks like he was trying to keep the relationship a secret, which could mean that he was having an affair.

Villa, Rosie, and Potts talk to Orson’s secretary, Sandy Langford. She was having an affair with Orson. She admits that she just told her husband about the affair that morning. Uh oh! And, guess what? Sandy’s husband is the only pharmacist in down and he was the one filling Orson’s “performance enhancer” prescription. Rosie points out that too much testosterone cream could cause a heart attack. Sandy’s husband could be Orson’s killer!

Uh oh! They head over to Sandy’s house where Earl, her husband, starts shooting a shotgun at them. TMI manages to talk Earl down while Villa sneaks around back and arrests Earl. #TeamTMilla See what I did there? ;)

Earl is in a jail cell. He denies killing Orson. He says that he, “just found out about Orson this morning.” Pippy and Mitchie said that the testosterone gel didn’t give Orson a heart attack.

YES! Mitchie and Pippy head to Marshwood! They have to set up shop in Marshwood’s local veterinary hospital. Aw, Sheriff Potts thanks Pippy for “taking care of TMI.” That’s awesome!

The team has set up and they brought Orson’s body with them. Rosie wants to do a reverse diagnosis to find out how Orson died and which poison was used to kill him.

There’s no news on Slade. Rosie is stressed out and he isn’t feeling good. WOOD! There’s a station wagon with wood paneling. Anyone else play that game when they were little/as an adult? There’s no shame in my game!

Pippy and TMI found the source of the poison, a local plant called foxglove. They figured out that the killer administered one gram of poison per hour for four straight hours leading up to Orson’s death. The killer was someone close to Orson!

The Sheriff manages to bring everyone in the town in to test for foxglove residue, which they would have gotten from poisoning Orson. The team gets about 900 additional pies! I love it!

Sandy seems nervous about being tested. She tells TMI that Orson was really happy after having lunch with her. She also says that Orson was really proud of her. Aw, TMI is the best!

Pippy has an update! So far, over 80% of the people in town have tested positive for digitalis, which comes from foxglove. Uh oh! Either someone in town is trying to kill everyone else or everyone in town tried to kill Orson. Either way, this sounds serious!

Everyone freezes when Rosie gets a call from Hornstock. Slade is in rough shape. Rosie asks, “Hornstock, is he going to make it?”

AGH! Commercial break! NO! I can’t take the suspense!

We’re back! OH NO! Slade’s infection turned septic and he isn’t responding to antibiotics. Villa offers to bring Rosie back to Miami. Rosewood refuses, he says he’s going to trust Slade’s doctors. Eek!

Pippy has news. She ran a test for digitalis on herself and it came back positive! Who wants to bet that someone is poisoning the people of Marshwood through baked goods?

YES! I think I’m right! Wait, no I’m not! Turns out there’s foxglove planted out front of City Hall. The pollen, while harmless, has most likely contaminated all of the samples.

Mitchie is reading through all of the town’s gossip in their meeting notes. Jeff Groves, Marshwood’s only attorney accused Orson of stealing funds from the city during a meeting. TMI says, “The Orson I knew would never do something like that!” Villa and Rosie head off to talk to Mr. Groves while TMI talks to Pippy. TMI admits that when she, “had lunch with Orson, she may have given him some advice.” TMI says that she knew Orson was unhappy. She told him to “do whatever it takes” to make him happy. She’s worried that he embezzled money to make himself happy. Pippy tells her that she “can’t feel guilty about someone else’s mistake.” Aw, Pippy is the best girlfriend!

Rosie and Villa are in Mr. Groves office. They confront him about the meeting where he accused Orson of embezzlement.

Over at Sandy’s house, the team finds loads of fancy gifts, which they think could be from Orson. There’s everything from diamond earrings to fancy dresses. Sandy gets mad and asks if Mr. Groves accused Orson of stealing money and buying her the item sin her house. She tells them that he’s a nasty man. Sandy says that she buys the items in bulk and then sells them online for a profit.

Rosie finds an orange cup at Sandy’s house. There’s a white powder residue around the rim, which Rosie thinks is digitalis. Orson left everything to Sandy, so she has motive to kill him and now they found the evidence to back it up. Sheriff Potts arrests Sandy and the team gets ready to head back to Miami.

WAIT! Pippy frantically calls Rosie to the jail cell that Sandy is being held in. She’s collapsed on the floor. EEK! Maybe she isn’t the killer?

Rosie picks up Sandy, which he shouldn’t do, as he isn’t supposed to pick up more than 15 lbs, and brings her to the morgue. They perform CPR and try to save her life. THANK GOODNESS! It works! They revive Sandy, but barely! The same person who poisoned Orson just tried to kill Sandy!

Mitchie found something! It turns out that Orson was depositing his own money into the city’s account, not embezzling it!

Rosie and Villa interrogate Sandy. She admits that Jeff Groves, the City Attorney, found out about their affair and blackmailed them with pictures. He was the one stealing the money!

The team heads over to Jeff Groves house. He’s packing up his SUV and about to skip town. Sheriff Potts arrests Groves and throws him in the town’s jail.

Pippy, TMI, and Mitchie ran the fingerprints from Orson’s cup, the same cup that was used to poison him. OH MY GOSH! The fingerprints don’t match Groves’!

Darn! Another commercial break! I have a sneaky suspicion that the finger prints belong to Sheriff Potts… That would be really sad, but it’s starting to look like a real possibility. What do you think?

Rosie brings Sandy back to their makeshift lab. He tells her that she was poisoned with a larger dose then Orson. Rosie performs an ultrasound. Uh oh! It’s a trick! He finds a mass from the large dose of digitalis. Sandy poisoned herself! I totally thought he was going to announce that she was pregnant! Nope! Turns out she poisoned herself so she wouldn’t look like a suspect!

Sandy says that Orson dumped TMI after they had lunch together. Orson came back and told Sandy that he was getting rid of everything that made him unhappy and that included her. Sandy blames TMI for Orson’s death. Poor, TMI!

Rosie joins TMI on a bench outside of City Hall. She feels terrible and guilty. Rosie gives TMI a classic Rosie pep talk and manages to see the brighter side of things.

TMI admits to Pippy that she made a promise to Orson. She says that she promised to be truthful about everything, including things with Pippy. They get in a car for a long talk on the way back to Miami. EEK! I hope she’s going to tell Pippy that she loves her and wants to get married! I CANNOT HANDLE THESE TWO BREAKING UP AGAIN!

Villa admits to Rosie that her brother isn’t driving her crazy. She said he isn’t doing anything. He plays video games all day. He won’t eat or talk to her. She’s afraid that he might do something bad. She admits that she doesn’t want to confront him, because she’s afraid he’s going to run away.

Villa asks Rosie when he’s going to admit that whatever happens to Slade isn’t his fault.

Rosie and Villa head directly to the hospital, where they find Hornstock with his head in his hands. After a suspenseful pause, Hornstock hugs Rosie and Villa, and tells them that Slade is going to be okay.

My Thoughts:

THANK GOODNESS! I’m so glad Slade is on the mend! He has turned into one of my favorite characters on the show!

I really enjoyed this episode! The setting outside of Miami was a nice change of pace and I loved getting to know more about TMI. She is such an amazing person! I really do hope she and Pippy end up getting married! They are perfect together!

I also really liked how Villa had Rosie’s back during the entire episode. She always does, but this week he required a little extra work.

Is anyone else worried about Rosie’s health issues? His mini-attacks, if that’s the right way to describe them, were really scary! I hope he slows down and takes the proper time he needs to recover!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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