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Bates Motel - Marion - Review: Oh oh She's back

Oh my oh my! What an episode of BATES MOTEL! Week after week Bates Motel plays cat and mouse with us and this week the stories lit up like a firework and I can't wait to see more. Marion was directed by Phil Abraham and written by Carlton Curse and Kerry Ehrin, the show's executives and co-creators.

This week I have to start with Dylan. I adore when a performance is simple and human, not overacted and that is what Max Theriot gave us after Dylan found out his mother was dead. He is a truly natural crier and he digs deep to bring this one out. Him facing the fact that his mother is dead just broke me to tears. The follow-up call between Dylan and Norman was another strong performance by both actors. Their scenes always had something truly captivating within them as you could feel how close but also how far apart they are at each moment. And while it was tremendous to see Norman juggle between truth and deception, especially at thisbtime of self reflectio, Dylan's pain and anger felt so real. "Norma" calling out the moment the connection broke was a phenomenal touch. The fight brought Norman to the brink of losing it, so his mind called out for "Norma", but later more on that.

This week Norman and Marion finally shared scenes and I have to confess they were good. At the end, Rihanna wasn't a poor choice for the role. Her interpretation of Marion was down to earth and as flawed as Marion was. Rihanna did her best to bring out all the things that made Marion such a great character. Her fragility, her unconditional love, her leap of faith that somewhere is a better tomorrow for her and the man she loves. Sadly Norman bursts her bubble, leading her into going full psycho on Sam's car. Riri brought out the bad girl and I loved it.

Still, Rihanna's best work came during Marion's final scene with Norman. Such a delicate and insightful performance. The heartbroken Marion had such a human edge and felt so relatable in her pain. Norman chasing her out of the motel as he felt the urge to kill was truly precious. The turmoil within him and the and Marion's lethargic state of mind were an entertaining combination. That final hug was so sweet and felt so on point.

In last week's review , I've mentioned how much I disliked the misogynist approach the Psycho writers had towards Marion. I felt really great after witnessing that the Bates Motel writers wouldn't go in the same direction. Go live your life Marion, rest in peace Sam. A big part of the BM viewers will miss your shirtless scenes.

But as always, the true highlight of this episode were all the scenes shared between Norman and "Norma". Such phenomenal, heartbreaking performances from both actors. Norman's internal struggle was portrayed so well over the curse of the previous 5 episodes but this week the writers phenomenally peaked the story and gave it another dimension as Norman finally made piece with the "Norma" inside of him.
Certainly, it wasn't an easy road to get there. Norman was brave he tried his best to defeat "Norma" and finally started pushing against her and stop with the tricks she was playing with his mind. I really admired Norman in those moments, he really wanted to defeat her even though it was breaking his insides apart. The scene where "Norma" was throwing a tantrum in the kitchen trying to convince Norman how real she was just disturbed me to the core. The energy Freddie and Vera build up within a scene is simply outstanding and so emotionally captivating.
For me, though, they've peaked during the scene in the motel. "Norma" being completely honest with Norman, breaking Norman down to the core of his illness was executed so well, the writers surpassed themselves. Every single word that came out of "Norma's" mouth was like an arrow into Norman's soul. Eventually, Norman forfeit. He accepted "Norma" as a part of him and embraced his true self. That resulted in a revolutionary game changing spin on the original Psycho tale. I really didn't expect Sam to get stabbed in the shower at that point. The shock on Sam's face, the emotionless/through the motion expression on Norman's face combined with the creepy instrumental of Roy Orbison's Crying created one scene to remember.

Once again Romero was missing and with only 4 episodes till Bates Motel wraps its run, I really hope he starts executing his revenge in episode 7. What were your thoughts about Marion? How did the final shocker make you feel? As always feel free to share your thoughts and opinions down below.