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American Crime - Season Three: Episode Four - Advance Preview

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American Crime “Season Three: Episode Four” was written by Sonay Hoffman and was directed by Steph Green, whose other credits include The Americans, Billions, and Scandal. Things start to heat up in this episode. One story seems to be drawing to a close while another begins.

The episode introduces three new characters. Timothy Hutton and Lili Taylor finally appear as Nicholas and Clair Coates. As with the other recurring cast members, these two are also chameleons, taking on completely different characters. It’s impressive that they are able to so completely change their mannerisms and looks. We also meet their new nanny, Gabrielle (Mickaelle X Bizet). Gabrielle only speaks French, which adds another layer of communication barrier.

Luis (Benito Martinez) finds closure for his search. It becomes clear that it’s not easy for anyone to simply leave the farm, however. Coy (Connor Jessup) continues to have a hard time. Jeanette (Felicity Huffman) and JD (Tim DeKay) grow closer over their shared concern over what’s happening at the farm, and Jeanette tries to help JD. However, it’s clear that Laurie Ann (Cherry Jones) rules them all with an iron – and cruel – fist.

Shae (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) makes a new friend who turns out not to be much of a friend. She also finds out that it’s not nearly as easy to get an abortion in North Carolina as it is in DC. Kimara (Regina King) has to deal with something particularly difficult. We also find out that you do not want to land at an airport in North Carolina if you don’t speak English!

We see yet another small business in trouble because it has become increasingly difficult to deliver the quality that their customers want at the price they are willing to pay. Once again the answer is to cut back on staff, take the money out of the workers.

Here are a few dialogue teasers for the episode:

What does it take to get out of here?
Work faster.
I want to do this more.
I’m asking please. Talk to them for me.
No one speaks French.
How do you think I feel right now.
Why are you in here?
The boy is silly.
I’m so messed up now cuz my Daddy touched me.
There was a misunderstanding.
You used the family’s money to pay them off.
Does he have anything to help us to identify his body.

Even as we welcome three new characters, on character won’t make it out of the episode alive. Look for particularly good performances from Martinez and Huffman. Don’t miss this week’s episode on ABC, Sunday, April 2 at 10/9c!

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